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Lexmark's Value to U.S. Army

Lexmark has the ability to meet the stringent operational and security requirements of the Army through our flexible technology platforms enabling the following benefits:

  • Customization for specific Army user groups
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Strategic source of supply
  • Compliance with Army security requirements (IA)

This product and software flexibility has helped the Army improve efficiency and printing costs with all aspects of printing from the transition to SAP to the replacement of large-box copiers. Our low total cost of ownership is a combination of a low product acquisition cost, high yield cartridge options, and a network/cloud printing capability with network "Print Release" (CON certified) . Network Print Release adds to the security of a document by ensuring that documents are not left in the open on a printer, but this capability contributes even greater to your reduced cost of ownership by allowing users to print less. Users print less by being able to delete unnecessary or unneeded print jobs before they are printed. The enhanced security features are some of the best in the industry, allowing your information to be secure while in motion (PrintCryption) and at rest (Hard Drive Encryption). Also, integrated CAC authentication is standard on Army devices further protecting your network.

We are committed to helping our Army customers effectively print, move, and manage documents more efficiently than ever before. With Lexmark's innovative products, applications and solutions, in addition to our management capabilities, your cost savings can range between $100M and $135M annually across the Army Enterprise.


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Featured Solutions for US Army:

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CAC Security and Print Release

Close a network security gap and enable information assurance with Lexmark's CAC authentication solution.


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multifunction printers.

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