Combo-Pack #17, #27 Black and Color Moderate Use Print Cartridges

Номенклатурен №: 80D2952

Описание на продукт

#17 and #27 Print Cartridges are ideal for printer owners who print occasionally or who want to adapt the cartridges they buy to the kind of printing they do. #17 and #27 cartridges provide occasional users with the capacity and yield best adapted to their occasional printing needs.

Общи спецификации

Номенклатурен № 80D2952
Размер на опаковката (мм" - В x Ш x Д)
  • 140 x 40 x 90 мм
Тегло на опаковката (кг)
  • 0.085 кг
Превишено тегло (кг)
  • 2.3 кг

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  • Филипини, Мексико