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Central Government Contract Management Software

Automate the central contract management process

Efficient management of the contract process is critical to ensure that services are delivered as expected.

Lexmark's content software solutions provide enterprise document management, imaging and workflow to help streamline all the stages of contract management with instant access to documents, better collaboration tools and the ability to automatically assign and track activities.

Lexmark content solutions offers central government departments numerous benefits for contract management.

  • Capture all types of information from multiple sources.
    Capture purchase orders, vendor and supplier contracts, bids, correspondence, invoices and more, directly from email, fax, files or scanner
  • Organise contract files.
    Store and index all documents related to government contracts into an organised, up-to-date, readily accessible electronic file
  • Collaborate and securely share information.
    A secure, central repository enables easy and controlled access by intra and interagency stakeholders
  • Speed reviews and approvals.
    Automatically assign tasks and send documents for review, and use tools such as digital signature and annotations
  • Control and manage documents.
    Ensure integrity of information with version control, document check-in and checkout
  • Support compliance initiatives.
    Track activities that support operating procedures and set policies for retention and disposition

With Perceptive Content, managing all stages of your contracts – from negotiation to approval, post-contract execution, performance monitoring and renewals – becomes a streamlined process that puts the documents you need at your fingertips.

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