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Lexmark Installation Services

Make your new acquisition fast, effecient and enjoyable

The success of your project depends on an effective roll-out. Lexmark Installation Services make the set-up as quick as you need. Our training programs enable fast user adoption. The quicker your employees learn how to use Lexmark technology, the quicker your company will save time and money.

Standard Installation Services

For installation projects which are small enough for you to manage by yourself. Lexmark will arrive on the day of installation to install machines and give you basic user training.

Advanced Installation Services

For larger installations which require dedicated project management support. Also recommended for installations in environments where it is important for you to ensure no disruption to work.

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Standard Installation Package

Prior to any installation, you will want to make sure you have planned properly. If you prefer to manage the installation planning yourself and are able to manage the logistics associated with shipping and receiving your Lexmark products we recommend that you choose Lexmark’s Standard Installation package.

Advanced Installation Package

Project Management

For Advanced Installation projects, an expert project manager will work with you to define and coordinate a complete Installation Schedule designed around your unique requirements.
After forming a dedicated project team, we ensure:

  • a complete roll-out of all your equipment
  • full product adoption throughout your organisation


If you want to minimise the disruption to your organisation during an Advanced Installation, you can benefit from Lexmark’s optional Pre-Staging service. This ensures your devices are preconfigured before delivery. It makes installation faster and less intrusive at your work areas.

Lexmark’s Quick and Efficient Installation

For both Standard and Advanced installations, a Lexmark specialist will be present to take care of a wide selection of technical requirements such as:

  • unpacking
  • parts assembly
  • consumable installation
  • and configuration

Prior to installation you also have the opportunity to choose from a comprehensive list of standard and optional services.

Enhanced Configuration

You’ll probably want to enhance your Lexmark experience with some of our innovative, efficiency-boosting apps and features, such as:

  • workflow shortcuts
  • security settings
  • email maintenance alerts
  • embedded solutions.


For each new device that we install, we will de-install the device that it is replacing on a 1:1 basis. Lexmark may also be able to help you de-install additional units. We will review your needs on a case-by-case basis. We work with you to establish a complete and detailed list of all valid devices that need to be de-installed.

Waste Management

If you request it in advance, we’ll take away all the packaging material and bring it back to the warehouse for recycling. We take it all with us. So the only thing we leave behind is innovation and performance!

Training on Lexmark Products and Services

Lexmark Basic Training is included in both our Standard and Advanced packages. This is because we believe that if your end-users understand how to use and manage Lexmark’s products and services, as well as the benefits these can bring, then your installation will be more successful for them and for you.

Key User & Helpdesk Training

Whatever installation you choose, enhance your workgroup’s competency through Lexmark’s advanced training services.

Going beyond standard user training, which covers general operational tasks, you can opt for Key User Training to teach designated primary-contact employees to handle basic troubleshooting issues. Or go even further with Helpdesk Training, an in-depth training session for your own onsite support agents to learn how to resolve all types of issues with speed and precision.

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