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Cloud Scan Management

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Cloud Scan Management

All organisations have established processes to scan documents into core business systems. Some of these documents need to be shared or distributed across a group of people. Today, users are sharing documents via e-mail, which is not secure, creating a mismatch in versions of the document when updates to the document are sent at various times.

What is scan to cloud?

Cloud Scan Management enables easy conversion of physical documents into a digital format by scanning them directly into a cloud-based file-sharing system, avoiding delays and rework. You can request or adjust original documents from a central repository rather than sending the physical documents back to each location—merging document scanning and cloud storage. In addition, scanned documents are more secure in a document capture cloud than on paper or as locally saved digital files with no backup. Cloud Scan Management offers big savings for businesses that require direct access to paper documents in distributed locations and want to learn more about how to scan to cloud effectively. The cloud-based portal enables you to add shortcuts to a Lexmark-enabled device for scanning directly to remote file-sharing services including Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive™ and Box.

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Cloud Scan Management solutions across industries

​In logistics, companies gain centralised control of scanning

Logistics and transport employees who commute between branches need to scan documents to and from many locations. Cloud Scan Management offers a secure platform through cloud compatible printers to centralise control and easily share and remotely adjust records with SharePoint access, along with other file-sharing platforms.

In healthcare, forms are securely sent, received and stored

Clinics, post-acute care, and public health offices with limited IT support may rely on fax and post to collect documents from local health facilities and workers, making document tracking challenging. With Cloud Scan Management, healthcare organisations have an easy and reliable inbound process.

In retail, file accessibility speeds processing times and minimises costs

Store managers are challenged with filing and forwarding documents from suppliers and human resources to the correct departments for processing. Among other benefits, using Cloud Scan Management lets retailers use Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud-based collaboration solutions to scan and store files in the cloud for easy retrieval for audits, reducing the cost of fines.

In government, easy access in one secure location

Many state and local government agencies maintain a central headquarters and field offices to more efficiently serve their constituents. Workers in all locations depend on e-mail for document sharing. With Cloud Scan Management, there’s immediate access to a cloud document scanner for updating reports, documents, and forms, improving communication and coordination.

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