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Lexmark Translation Assistant

Real-time document language translation at your fingertips

Overcome language barriers and communication challenges

More and more, organisations need to communicate with people who speak different languages. Businesses, schools and government agencies are at a disadvantage when trying to scan documents to translate into the native language of their customers, students, parents and constituents. It costs time and money to break the language barrier.

Translation Assistant provides real-time document translation for any business, school or government organisation’s Lexmark multifunction printer (MFP). Just scan documents in the original language using a Lexmark MFP, select the appropriate output language from several choices, and receive a translated document within minutes. The translated documents can then be printed or emailed directly to recipients, streamlining and improving communications with customers, students, parents and constituents.

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thousand documents are backlogged awaiting translation, one major U.S. school district reported


of patients did not seek healthcare services for fear of not understanding their healthcare provider


million people in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home

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Language translation across industries

​In education, translation means better learning

Schools must provide translation for parents who would otherwise be excluded from their children’s educational experience due to language barriers. Translation Assistant uses translation software instantly putting critical school communications into parents’ native languages, eliminating a language barrier and including them in their students’ learning.

In healthcare, critical information translated in minutes

Hospitals, clinics and public health agencies (especially in metro areas) must communicate non-clinical notices and marketing materials to populations that speak a different language. For example, during the COVID pandemic, communication and updates have been needed quickly in a fast-changing situation. Translation Assistant translates — in real-time — notices and information in required languages, helping patients understand what’s available and where.

In retail, businesses can better reach their customers

Retail businesses are challenged in producing promotional materials in communities that speak a different language. Using Translation Assistant, a store can translate material into the native languages of its community, reaching new markets and better serving its customers.

In government, households in a variety of languages can be better served

Governmental agencies often provide information to constituencies that speak a variety of languages. Using Translation Assistant, employees in state and local government offices can translate any number of informative or instructional documents into a targeted language in a matter of minutes, helping them better serve their growing and changing communities.


Translation Assistant to the rescue

Daily classroom communications to parents are translated in real time in a variety of languages so parents can fully participate in their children’s learning.

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Lexmark Translation Assistant
Real-time document language translation at your fingertips