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Lexmark Mobile OS support

Simple and accessible printing for small and medium business

No drivers, no servers, no IT configuration or support issues. The printing support built in to iOS devices from Apple, and Android OS devices from other manufacturers, is free, easy to use and natively supported by most business-class Lexmark printers and Smart MFPs.

iOS AirPrint™ – Discover a Lexmark printer or Smart MFP, select print options and submit the print job simply by choosing “Print” in supported iOS apps—without installing anything else. It’s intuitive, free and ideal for small networks.

However, without IT involvement, AirPrint often only finds printers that are on the same local network segment as the mobile device being used. In larger organizations with complex networks, this means that a user with a mobile device may be able to physically see a printer and not be able to print to it. Lexmark Print Management not only addresses this challenge but also adds enterprise-level features like flexible print release, simple email-based or app-driven print job submission and print job tracking. In fact, Lexmark Print Management is the first AirPrint-certified enterprise print management solution.  

Also, while it’s designed for use with Lexmark Print Management, the Lexmark Mobile Printing app can be used for quick and simple direct printing of PDFs and most image files from an iOS device.

Android printing – Android OS version 4.4 introduced new printing capabilities, including a native print subsystem. Lexmark has released the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in which enables native printing from your Android device to supported Lexmark products without requiring a third-party app. 

Documents and images can easily be printed directly to Lexmark printers on the same network as the Android device using familiar printing controls, such as paper size, color, orientation, and number of copies. Because discovering a printer on an enterprise network can be challenging, features such as QR code scanning are provided to simplify manually adding a printer. For enterprise scalability and security, the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in also supports printing to a Lexmark Print Management Server.  

In addition to the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in, Lexmark also offers an extensive selection of devices certified to work with Mopria wireless printing standards, for which an Android plug-in is also available. For more information, please see www.mopria.org.

Android device users can also print to Lexmark printers and MFPs via Google Cloud Print. It’s intuitive, and lets you print anywhere there’s internet. Through an eSF app that runs on Lexmark Smart MFPs, users can authenticate to their Google accounts and register the device for Google Cloud Print directly from the touch screen of the MFP. Once registered, the user can selectively release jobs printed via Google Cloud Print right at that device. 

The Lexmark Mobile Printing app, though designed for use with Lexmark Print Management, can also be used for quick and simple direct printing of PDFs and most image files from an Android device. With a supported, Wi-Fi-connected Lexmark MFP, and an NFC-equipped mobile device, it’s even possible to send a job to the printer over a peer-to-peer mobile direct connection. The mobile device doesn’t even have to be on the network!  

Beyond these simple options for Android printing, additional convenience, security, enterprise-level output management and cost-control features are available through Lexmark Print Management.



Google Cloud Print™

Quickly and easily print to your supported Lexmark device using Google Cloud Print™.




Lexmark Print Management

With Lexmark Print Management you can optimise your network printing and create an information edge with a solution that you can deploy On-premises or through the cloud.