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Lexmark adds universal configuration capability to Printer Fleet Management

The updated Lexmark Markvision Enterprise printer fleet management software significantly reduces the amount of time and effort to create and maintain configurations.

SYDNEY – 4 December 2020.

Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, announced today a major update to its Markvision Enterprise (MVE) printer fleet management software. MVE 4.0, available today at no cost to all Lexmark customers in Australia and New Zealand, offers a new universal configuration capability which allows IT departments to quickly and easily create configurations that apply to all Lexmark print and multifunction devices* at once, reducing the amount of time and effort to create and maintain configurations across an entire fleet.

Designed to simplify and eliminate manual IT tasks such as updating firmware, configuring device settings one device at a time and applying security certificates, MVE 4.0 is elevating Lexmark’s full-spectrum approach to device security. For organisations looking for greater visibility and accountability, especially with the rise of the hybrid-workforce, MVE 4.0 also delivers targeted reporting on device statistics, taking the guesswork out of the activity on enterprise devices.

Stephen Bell, Managing Director of Lexmark ANZ, said: “Our enterprise customers are increasingly looking for ways to enhance security and reduce their IT burden. We upgraded our fleet management Web-based software to address these needs and made it available for all devices so that every customer across Australia and New Zealand can reap its benefits.”

MVE 4.0 is also designed to ensure optimum protection for every device on the network. The new universal configuration feature allows users to create a single configuration and apply it to any Lexmark model, even legacy models, to reduce initial setup and ongoing maintenance of the configurations. Users can create a base security configuration and apply it to any new device that appears on the network without specifying which models might be added. ​

“Our new printer fleet management software offers faster performance, improved usability, reduced set up time, common configuration and better device support,” Mr Bell said. “As we settle into the reality of printing in more distributed locations, we are pleased to offer a solution that will help organisations to avoid unnecessary downtime and dramatically improve remote problem resolution.”

*For a full list of MVE 4.0-supported Lexmark models, see page 13 of the Administrator Guide, available here

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