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On-Demand Forms

Print vivid, up-to-the-minute forms and marketing materials on demand – in your branch offices.

Everything is changing fast in financial services today. New competition. New products and services. New and tougher regulations.

That's why banks – especially at the branch level – need fast access to relevant, fully compliant forms and personalised marketing materials. They help your teams react quickly to business challenges and opportunities.

No more worries about distributing out-of-date materials

With On-Demand Forms from Lexmark, your employees get the up-to-the-minute materials that they need for a wide range of business activities. This solution puts proposals, presentation, flyers, financial plans and the latest version of common forms at their fingertips – all delivered through smart multi-function products (MFPs) in your branches.

On-demand forms and other materials can be developed and updated centrally, stored in the cloud and then personalised and printed locally in vibrant colour. All for a fraction of the cost of preprinted pieces. Plus, Lexmark MFPs let you print on a wide variety of media, including paper, vinyl, polyester and more.

No more delivery or storage costs and waste

On-demand communications from Lexmark provides consistent, accurate and impactful colour printing, with no more delivery and storage costs. It also means no more out-of-date materials – eliminating waste.

Benefits of the On-Demand Forms and Communications

  • Print forms and marketing materials in vibrant colour for just a few pence per page
  • Eliminate printing delays, delivery and storage costs and out-of-date materials
  • Print consistent brand-matching colour on a variety of media

To learn more about Lexmark's solutions for banking, contact us today.