Lexmark printers integrate with Universal Print

Centralise print management with Microsoft’s cloud-based portal

Universal Print provides cloud-based print management without on-premise infrastructure or printer drivers. Set up, configure, manage and troubleshoot any Lexmark printer. Most models support native registration. If native registration is not available, simply connect with the Universal Print connector for Windows.


Models that support native registration*

Universal Print Ready Printers (native support to Universal Print by Microsoft)


Series name  Printer models

Lexmark B2300 Series 

Lexmark B2338dn, Lexmark B2338dw 

Lexmark B2400 Series 

Lexmark B2442dn, Lexmark B2442dw 

Lexmark B2500 Series 

Lexmark B2546dn 

Lexmark B2600 Series 

Lexmark B2650dn 

Lexmark B2860 Series 

Lexmark B2865dw 

Lexmark M1200 Series 

Lexmark M1242, Lexmark M1246 

Lexmark M3200 Series 

Lexmark M3250 

Lexmark M5200 Series 

Lexmark M5255, Lexmark M5270 

Lexmark MB2300 Series 

Lexmark MB2338dw, Lexmark MB2338adn, Lexmark MB2338adw 

Lexmark MB2400 Series 

Lexmark MB2442ade, Lexmark MB2442adwe

Lexmark MB2500 Series 

Lexmark MB2546ade 

Lexmark MB2600 Series 

Lexmark MB2650ade 

Lexmark MB2700 Series 

Lexmark MB2770adwhe 

Lexmark MS320 Series 

Lexmark MS321dn 

Lexmark MS420 Series 

Lexmark MS421dn, Lexmark MS421dw

Lexmark MS520 Series 

Lexmark MS521dn 

Lexmark MS620 Series 

Lexmark MS621dn, Lexmark MS622de

Lexmark MS725 Series 

Lexmark MS725dvn 

Lexmark MS820 Series 

Lexmark MS821n, Lexmark MS821dn, Lexmark MS822de, Lexmark MS823n, Lexmark MS823dn, Lexmark MS825dn, Lexmark MS826de

Lexmark MX320 Series 

Lexmark MX321adn, Lexmark MX321adw 

Lexmark MX420 Series 

Lexmark MX421ade 

Lexmark MX520 Series 

Lexmark MX521de, Lexmark MX521ade, Lexmark MX522adhe, Lexmark MX522dhe

Lexmark MX620 Series 

Lexmark MX622de, Lexmark MX622ade, Lexmark MX622adhe

Lexmark MX720 Series 

Lexmark MX721ade, Lexmark MX721adhe, Lexmark MX722de, Lexmark MX722ade, Lexmark MX722dhe, Lexmark MX722adhe

Lexmark MX725 Series 

Lexmark MX725adve 

Lexmark MX820 Series 

Lexmark MX822de, Lexmark MX822ade, Lexmark MX822adxe, Lexmark MX822adte, Lexmark MX826de Lexmark MX826ade, Lexmark MX826adxe, Lexmark MX826adtfe

Lexmark XM1200 Series 

Lexmark XM1242, Lexmark XM1246 

Lexmark XM3200 Series 

Lexmark XM3250 

Lexmark XM5300 Series 

Lexmark XM5365, Lexmark XM5370

Lexmark XM7300 Series 

Lexmark XM7355, Lexmark XM7370 


Series name  Printer models

Lexmark C2200 Series 

Lexmark C2240 

Lexmark C2300 Series 

Lexmark C2325dw, Lexmark C2326 

Lexmark C2400 Series 

Lexmark C2425dw 

Lexmark C2500 Series 

Lexmark C2535dw 

Lexmark C3400 Series 

Lexmark C3426dw 

Lexmark C4100 Series 

Lexmark C4150 

Lexmark C6100 Series 

Lexmark C6160de 

Lexmark C9200 Series 

Lexmark C9235 

Lexmark CS420 Series 

Lexmark CS421dn 

Lexmark CS430 Series 

Lexmark CS431dw 

Lexmark CS520 Series 

Lexmark CS521dn 

Lexmark CS620 Series 

Lexmark CS622de 

Lexmark CS720 Series 

Lexmark CS720de, Lexmark CS720dte, Lexmark CS727de 

Lexmark CS725 Series 

Lexmark CS725de, Lexmark CS725dte, Lexmark CS728de 

Lexmark CS820 Series 

Lexmark CS820de, Lexmark CS820dte, Lexmark CS820dtfe, Lexmark CS827de  

Lexmark CS920 Series 

Lexmark CS927de 

Lexmark CX420 Series 

Lexmark CX421adn 

Lexmark CX430 Series 

Lexmark CX431adw, Lexmark CX431adw

Lexmark CX520 Series 

Lexmark CX522ade, Lexmark CX522ade

Lexmark CX620 Series 

Lexmark CX622de, Lexmark CX622ade, Lexmark CX622adhe

Lexmark CX625 Series 

Lexmark CX625de, Lexmark CX625ade, Lexmark CX625adhe

Lexmark CX725 Series 

Lexmark CX725de, Lexmark CX725dhe, Lexmark CX725dthe, Lexmark CX727de 

Lexmark CX820 Series 

Lexmark CX820de, Lexmark CX820dtfe, Lexmark CX827de 

Lexmark CX825 Series 

Lexmark CX825de, Lexmark CX825dte, Lexmark CX825dtfe 

Lexmark CX860 Series 

Lexmark CX860de, Lexmark CX860dte, Lexmark CX860dtfe 

Lexmark CX920 Series 

Lexmark CX920de, Lexmark CX921de, Lexmark CX922de, Lexmark CX923de, Lexmark CX923dte, Lexmark CX923dxe, Lexmark CX924dte, Lexmark CX924dxe

Lexmark MC2300 Series 

Lexmark MC2325adw 

Lexmark MC2400 Series 

Lexmark MC2425adw 

Lexmark MC2500 Series 

Lexmark MC2535adwe 

Lexmark MC2600 Series 

Lexmark MC2640adwe 

Lexmark MC3400 Series 

Lexmark MC3426adw

Lexmark MC3400 Series

Lexmark MC3426i

Lexmark XC2200 Series 

Lexmark XC2235, Lexmark XC2240 

Lexmark XC4100 Series 

Lexmark XC4150, Lexmark XC4140, Lexmark XC4153, Lexmark XC4143 

Lexmark XC6100 Series 

Lexmark XC6152, Lexmark XC6152de, Lexmark XC6152dtfe, Lexmark XC6153, Lexmark XC6153de, Lexmark XC6153dtfe

Lexmark XC8100 Series 

Lexmark XC8155de, Lexmark XC8155dte, Lexmark XC8160de, Lexmark XC8163, Lexmark XC8163dte, Lexmark XC8160dte 

*Requires the client to have Windows 10 version 1903 and above.
For other pre-requisites, required printer firmware version and steps to register the printer, see the User’s Guide for Setting Up Universal Print.
For help with registering your device or printing, see our how-to video.

Models that work with the Universal Print connector application from Microsoft for Windows**

Universal Print Compatible Printers


Series Name Marketing Model Names

Lexmark B2200 Series

Lexmark B2236dw

Lexmark B3300 Series

Lexmark B3340dw

Lexmark B3400 Series

Lexmark B3442dw

Lexmark M1100 Series

M1140, M1140+, M1145

Lexmark M1300 Series

Lexmark M1342 

Lexmark M3100 Series

M3150, M3150dn

Lexmark M5100 Series

M5155, M5163, M5163dn, M5170

Lexmark MB2200 Series

Lexmark MB2236adw, Lexmark MB2236adwe

Lexmark MB2200 Series

Lexmark MB2236i

Lexmark MB3400 Series

Lexmark MB3442adw

Lexmark MB3400 Series

Lexmark MB3442i

Lexmark MS610 Series

MS610dn, MS610dtn, MS610de, MS610dte, MS617dn

Lexmark MS310 Series

MS310d, MS310dn, MS312dn, MS315dn, MS317dn

Lexmark MS330 Series

Lexmark MS331dn

Lexmark MS410 Series

MS410d, MS410dn, MS415dn, MS417dn

Lexmark MS430 Series

Lexmark MS431dn, Lexmark MS431dw

Lexmark MS510 Series

MS510dn, MS517dn

Lexmark MS710 Series

MS710dn, MS711dn

Lexmark MS810 Series

MS810n, MS810dn, MS810dtn, MS810de, MS811n, MS811dn, MS811dtn, MS812dn, MS812dtn, MS812de,

Lexmark MS910 Series


Lexmark MX310 Series

MX310dn, MX317dn

Lexmark MX330 Series

Lexmark MX331adn

Lexmark MX410 Series

MX410de, MX417de

Lexmark MX430 Series

Lexmark MX431adn, Lexmark MX431adw

Lexmark MX510 Series

MX510de, MX511de, MX517de

Lexmark MX610 Series

MX610de, MX611de, MX611dte, MX611dhe, MX611dfe, MX617de,

Lexmark MX710 Series

MX710de, MX710dhe, MX711de, MX711dhe, MX711dthe

Lexmark MX810 Series

MX810de, MX810dfe, MX810dpe, MX810dne, MX810dte, MX810dtfe, MX810dtpe, MX810dxe, MX810dxfe, MX810dxpe, MX810dxme, MX810dtme, MX811de, MX811dfe, MX811dpe, MX811dne, MX811dte, MX811dtfe, MX811dtpe, MX811dtme, MX811dtpe, MX811dxe, MX811dxfe, MX811dxpe, MX811dxme, MX812de, MX812dfe, MX812dpe, MX812dne, MX812dte, MX812dtfe, MX812dtpe, MX812dtme, MX812dxe, MX812dxfe, MX812dxpe, MX812dxme,

Lexmark MX910 Series

MX910de, MX911dte, MX912dxe

Lexmark XM1100 Series

XM1135, XM1140, XM1145

Lexmark XM3200 Series


Lexmark XM5100 Series

XM5163, XM5170

Lexmark XM7100 Series

XM7155, XM7163, XM7170

Lexmark XM9100 Series

XM9145, XM9155, XM9165


Series Name Marketing Model Names

Lexmark C2100 Series


Lexmark C3200 Series

Lexmark C3224dw

Lexmark C3300 Series

Lexmark C3326dw

Lexmark CS310 Series

CS310n, CS310dn, CS317dn

Lexmark CS330 Series

Lexmark CS331dw

Lexmark CS410 Series

CS410n, CS410dn, CS410dtn, CS417dn

Lexmark CS510 Series

CS510de, CS510dte, CS517de

Lexmark CX310 Series

CX310n, CX310dn, CX317dn

Lexmark CX330 Series

Lexmark CX331adwe

Lexmark CX410 Series

CX410e, CX410de, CX410dte, CX417de

Lexmark CX510 Series

CX510de, CX510dhe, CX510dthe, CX517de

Lexmark MC3200 Series

Lexmark MC3224dwe, Lexmark MC3224adwe

Lexmark MC3300 Series

Lexmark MC3326adwe

Lexmark MC3300 Series

Lexmark MC3326i

Lexmark XC2100 Series


Lexmark XC2100 Series


**Requires the client to have Windows 10 version 1903 and above.
For other pre-requisites and steps to register the printer using the Universal Print connector for Windows, see the User’s Guide for Setting Up Universal Print.
Also note that all printers that support native registration will also support the Universal Print connector.
All Universal Print Ready printers (native support to Universal Print) are also supported using proxy connector application.