Business Area: Procure to Record

Job Summary:

A Program Administrator is responsible for driving compliance to travel and expense policies and procedures, lead implementation of changes to optimize cost savings, maximize annual rebates, mitigate asset risks and enhance cardholder travel experience through effective & efficient customer service support. 

Duties include reviewing transactions, collect & consolidate data, conduct analysis, present recommendations, after an in-depth interface & collaboration with various internal functional groups and external commercial card banking institutions worldwide to resolve error dispute &/or technical issue.

If tasks are poorly managed, will substantially create a negative impact on the company‚Äôs financial statement and increase audit exposure due to aged audit findings, uncontrolled card spending, fraud, waste & abuse of assets, high delinquency rates causing increased late fee charges, ineffective cost saving program, diminished annual rebates, uncontrolled risks, possible unrecorded liabilities.  In addition, it will deter cardholder travel due to poor customer service.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Administration of cardholder services and account maintenance
    • Manages day to day operational activities, in coordination with the Citibank Customer Account Specialist (CAS), on cardholder queries or requests related to account maintenance i.e. staff leaving, refunds to cardholders or corporate accounts due to overpayment, merchant refunds, notifications on returned card PINs, employee id changes, hierarchy changes, blocking/unblocking of cards, card application & issuance and card closure, issue resolution (card declines, lost & stolen cards, fraud), spending limits, restrictions, user set-up and maintenance, coordinates with HR on new and terminated employees, & update card accounts. All these require PA approval.
    • Is the point of contact (POC) for assigned region and may be required to assist other in country Program Administrators.
    • Performs monthly reconciliation of cardholder list versus the termination list.
    • Performs annual revalidation of cardholder accounts with no activity to either close or continue to keep active.
    • Collaborates with the technical team in the correction of system issues or implementation of enhancements to ensure full system optimization.
  • Management of cardholder deliquency
    • Run Citibank reports to monitor and diligently manage stages of delinquency to avoid liability shifting from the cardholder to corporate level.
    • Continue to educate cardholders on the significance of submitting the expense reports on time, payment due dates, statement cut-offs, payment schedules, posting of payments to avoid late fees and the negative impact on rebate payments.
    • Processes the timely creation & delivery of email reminders to all delinquent cardholders before the statement cut-off to avoid late payment fees.
    • Develop and deliver training programs on end-to-end TEA orientation including how to reconcile an account to help sustain employee awareness & understanding on the proper use of the card, policy information and changes to the procedures.
  • Payment posting verification
    • Collaborates with the Bank Operations team on the timely, accurate & complete execution of payments according to the global weekly schedule to ensure expenses are recognized timely, avoid late fee charges and manage credit limits.
    • Investigate & immediately resolve unpaid employee reimbursements as this is a critical process considering employees have advanced funds for business related expenses.
  • Implementation of commercial card projects
    • Lead the successful implementation of a Citibank card program in coordination with the company country, local Finance & Treasury team, Accounting, Human Resource, Technical team and the Citibank Implementation Manager.
    • Define Project scope and gather requirements for business units or entities in scope by establishing clear reporting and billing hierarchy, provide accurate volumes in terms of card, dollar & transactions.
    • Launch program by identifying total number of cardholders per country.
    • Creation and timely delivery of the communication plan by providing instructions on how & where to apply, provide invitation pass codes, & secure management approvals.
    • Make certain Citibank account set-up is ready and complete before the launch date.
    • Establish settlement options, mandate payment methods and processes.
    • Encourage cardholders to invest time in taking the company online training courses during and post implementation to guarantee guidelines and responsibilities are clear and understood.
  • Drive compliance to Accounting and Global Travel Policies
    • Ensures that all transactions are in compliance with the Corporate Accounting Instructions, Corporate Financial Policies and the Global Travel policies to reduce if not eliminate, audit findings and mitigate corporate & financial asset risks.
    • Communicate with management with discretion & recommend possible resolutions for any audit & security issues.
  • Management reporting
    • Runs reports & reviews aged open items, clean-up of card accounts with credit & debit balances, unpaid & unprocessed items and escalates management with recommended solutions based on established policies & procedures.
    • Presents monthly measurement results to stakeholders.
    • Support reporting requirements for the corporate travel card program on an on-going basis including running card spend reports to identify trends, review, recommend, present reports and metrics to illustrate the value & controls of the program.

Competencies, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Strong Analytical and Communication Skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Knowledge in SAP (System Application and Products)
  • Attentive to detail and accuracy
  • Can work under pressure and requires minimal supervision
  • General knowledge & understanding in Accounting
  • Ability to work with people across multi-level organizations
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills
  • Strong people and interpersonal skills

Skills, Education and Experience:

  • College Degree in Business &/or Finance Courses like Accountancy, Management Accounting
  • 2 years Accounting or equivalent business-related work experience
  • Knowledge on Bank and TEA operations preferred but not required

You may send your application to recruitment@lexmark.com.