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Meaningful progress toward digital healthcare starts here.


Imagine the positive impact on your patients if you could responed to their needs immediately because your hospital was able to access critical records in minutes instead of days.

Imagine the impact on your budget if you could cut your printing costs by up to 30% whilst at the same time reducing administrative errors because your nurses had easy access to the correct forms they need.

Hospitals chose to work with Lexmark because our in-depth knowledge of the processes within different health departments. This has allowed us to develop innovative solutions that help them capture, access and manage information in the most cost effective and efficient ways.

Quicker Consultations

Smart multifunction devices located at nursing stations and other key sites can make critical information available within minutes, not days. With Lexmark’s Scan to Records solutions, doctors can view patient charts online in real time and make treatment decisions without visiting the hospital, while billing and insurance claims can begin immediately, shortening revenue cycles and cutting costs.

Faster Treatment Times

There may be hundreds of forms used in clinical areas with as many as 30 commonly used forms at a nursing station. With Lexmark’s Nursing Forms on Demand and Ordering solutions your hospital can eliminate expensive preprinted forms and automate the delivery of hardcopy orders to receiving departments such as pharmacy and radiology. The result is less time handling paperwork and more time caring for the patient.

Confidential and Rapid Patient Management

Delivering a quality experience for your patients begins when they are admitted to the hospital or registered for outpatient care. Our Admissions and Registration Solution allows you to check patients in quickly at the point of entry; at the admissions desk or directly at the clinical ward. By simplifying the process and creating an admission package on a single device you can improve patient care and medical staff productivity. At the same time you can protect patients’ information with easy-to-deploy confidential print release solutions.

Managed Print Services

Lexmark’s unique and leading approach to Managed Print Services helps many major EMEA Health facilities to save time and money. By helping them optimise their print fleet and managing it proactively and transparently they often see cost savings of up to 30% and are able to spend more time with their customers.