Business Area: Onboarding to Resolution - Order Management

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • MPS Inventory Reporting. Run inventory reports as needed. This includes both SAP ECC and Oracle.
  • Business Intelligence reports. Consigned inventory reporting on weekly basis and communicate to Finance.
  • Operations Management. Running consigned inventory shipment report, inventory acceptance report and inventory billing report.
  • Orderbook preparation on country level. Shipment acceptance billing reports, tracking consigned inventory details, and preparing ship-to-acceptance report monthly.
  • Inventory Analysis. Analyze and identify where associated write-off to offset the auto-up should be done. Do the associated write-off in accordance with all Accounting and Finance rules. Perform regular root cause analysis on issues creating auto-write up situations. Report root causes to management along with individual plans of actions to correct them.
  • Cross-function coordination. Work closely with all areas of the business to keep inventory records as accurate as possible. Provide necessary assistance to Asset Management departments. Run governance reports to ensure inventory is at the correct level. Resolving data between different systems. Transfer, Write Up, or Write Down any necessary inventory as directed by Geo.
  • Product Returns Coordination. Work closely with product returns areas to determine the Inventory status of all printers requested for return. Maintain a 24-hour SLA for all requests for information. Ensure returned products are removed from warehouse managed inventory. Publish GEO level Inventory measurements. Number of Inventory > 90 days (about 3 months) old. Tracking of required adjustments including root cause analysis. Weekly calls with Geo to remove aged inventory. Post all measurements to the appropriate GEO space on the WW Inventory. Innovate site.
  • ERP Transactional activity. Inventory adjustment bookings (write up / write off) in SAP based on Inventory Coordinator’s approval. Managing transfer bookings within consigned inventory in SAP based on Inventory Coordinator’s approval. Inventory availability check for billing (as needed).
  • Accounting activity. Inventory-related account reconciliation. Proving and documenting that the inventory-related accounts balance is correct. Analysis on correct inventory movement from old, consigned inventory to warehouse managed inventory during MPS 2.1 conversion.
  • Testing Warehouse managed inventory. Automatic inventory adjustment reconciliation – analyze on the automatic writeup. Participate in MPS related projects as required.

Education, Experience and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • College/University degree in Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or related courses. Master's degree in any of these courses is a plus.
  • At least two (2) years' operational experience in data analysis and management and the delivery of operations using technology is required.
  • Experience in project management and use of its tools. Certification is a plus.
  • Experience in leading projects that require working with multi-disciplined teams.
  • Experience in working with worldwide teams is preferred.
  • Experience with Toner Reconciliation, MPS Consumables Management, Asset Management, or Customer Setup is preferred.

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