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Ways to elevate enterprise printing with cloud technology

New technology unleashes printers, empowers users, liberates IT staff.

A cloud-based suite of services lets you reduce infrastructure requirements for print, simplify device management and provide print solutions that enhance productivity and flexibility.

Cloud-based print management services bring a full suite of flexible, print-optimising capabilities to any print environment, from small companies to large enterprises:

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1. Secure and save

Cloud printing enables secure print release across your organisation, protecting confidential output from interception and saving the cost and waste of unclaimed prints.


of large enterprises have had at least one data breach through insecure printing.1

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2. Server-less…is more

Ageing, poorly maintained print servers can put document security and your entire network at risk. Cloud-driven printing defends your documents, data and network from on-site print server risks.


of organisations are concerned about print jobs being intercepted at the print queue or on network.1

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3. Understand

Centralised data collection and detailed reporting about printing, copying and scanning across your organisation helps you identify problems and gain insights for informed decision-making.

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4. Mobilise for success

Mobile’s part of the cloud, too. Cloud printing lets you choose where and how mobile users print throughout your organisation.

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5. Monitor and update

Configure printers, gather vital device statistics, and keep them all up to date in minutes.

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6. Pay as you go

Forget on-site print servers and capital outlays. Cloud printing lets you subscribe to just the services you need and expense them monthly.

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companies with fewer than 500 employees will be adopting cloud-based printing by 2021.2

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7. Speed and scale

World-class cloud technology ensures peak performance and rapidly scales as your company’s needs change, with no on-site print servers or software to instal and maintain.

1. Quocirca, Print security: An imperative in the IoT era
2. IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions 2018 Predictions (Oct 2017 - Doc # US43152617)

Lexmark Cloud Services provides a more efficient and affordable path to print management success.

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Configurable print release for security and savings

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