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Assessment Services

Engage. Evaluate. Be more efficient.

According to the Gartner Group, organisations can cut output costs by up to 40% by using output-related assessments to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement and cost savings. Lexmark Assessment Services gives you access to our consultants, processes and expertise to help your organisation assess the current state of your output environment and uncover the greatest opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains—then recommends solutions and implementation plans to address these issues.

Each Lexmark Assessment is managed to strict quality control standards and informed by intellectual capital gathered through thousands of customer engagements worldwide.

Lexmark Managed Print Services Assessment (MPS)

A Lexmark MPS Assessment is an analytical engagement that focuses on device-centric issues, including technology selection, placement, usage, service and support. Its objective is to optimise end-user productivity and minimise asset investment in order to maximize ROI.

The key objective of the MPS Assessment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all of your office print operations—network and direct-attached printers, walk-up copiers and fax printing—to better align your output capabilities with your business needs and enhance the flexibility of your organisation’s printing.

This consultative engagement is designed to deliver in-depth analysis of multiple areas in the office print environment. Among the issues examined are the number of devices, their location and their associated costs, including acquisition, installation, support, utilisation, maintenance and consumables expenses. Both the present state and desired future state of the output environment are explored in detail.

Lexmark Content Solutions Workflow Assessment

Focusing on a single industry-specific business process, the Lexmark Content Solutions Workflow Assessment introduces Lexmark’s industry-best practices to take advantage of opportunities for significant, continuous process improvements, cost savings and productivity gains.

The assessment seeks to identify potential opportunities in your organisation by assessing the interaction between documents, devices, and user roles in the selected process. Following this analysis, recommendations are provided for improving the process using a broad base of proven industry-best practices and leveraging Lexmark expertise to drive continuous improvements.

Our consultants will:

  • Meet with you to define objectives and scope of work
  • Collect data on-site
  • Analyse the data and present preliminary findings
  • Prepare a report
  • Present a final assessment with benchmarks, findings and recommendations

Benefits of Assessment Services

Lexmark Assessment Services help pinpoint problem areas—and offer recommendations that can greatly improve your organisation’s efficiency and cost savings.

  • Assess your workflow and output environment against global industry best practice
  • Apply recommendations and solutions to your specific needs
  • Help increase speed, efficiency and cost savings through our solutions

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