Smart Document Capture for Banking

Streamlined document processing built for banks

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Better, faster service with fewer manual steps

Lexmark’s Smart Document Capture for Banking helps banks automate and streamline manual and paper intensive processes to increase employee productivity and provide customers with the service they expect.


Next-level capture at work across your enterprise

Simplify bank business processing

With Smart Document Capture, banks are able to facilitate capture and scanning at the point of origination. As a result, documents are digitally indexed and tracked, with extracted data and content seamlessly routed to the bank’s back end systems.

Errors are automatically caught from the beginning of the process and presented to the banker, allowing them to address exceptions before the customer leaves. This level of automation simplifies processing, allows for more time to address customer needs and gives branch employees the opportunity to sell other bank products and services.

Drive efficiency and savings

Banks want to transform paper-based processes, staff branches with fewer employees and improve the customer experience. By capturing documents in the branch, the moment they’re received, you’ll be able to reduce manual verification and data entry, and make redundancies a thing of the past.

For simple new account openings, a high percentage of accounts can be processed straight through without manual intervention – leaving back-office personnel to only address exceptions. As a result, you’ll complete processes faster, at a lower cost, for a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Boost security and compliance

The painstaking tasks of meeting ever-changing compliance regulations and enforcing standardised processes can reduce efficiencies and lead to expensive fees. Smart Document Capture makes it possible to capture paperwork and data from the branch and incorporate business rules to immediately verify compliance, enabling you to address new regulatory requirements without additional resources or employees.

With content quickly converted from paper to digital, you’ll also be able to enforce increased security, facilitate easy storing and archival, and always have an audit trail to reference when demonstrating compliance.

Address your unique needs

We understand that your processes, systems and information requirements are unique to your business, and a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution just won’t do. That’s why we built Smart Document Capture to be agile and customisable. The solution’s capabilities can range from scanning directly to your system of record to intelligently processing documents.

When it comes to choosing what’s right for your bank, you’ll be able to decide what level of capabilities best meet your specific needs. In addition, our versatile integration options ensure flexibility in your infrastructure, and allow you to more tightly connect and unite business processes and systems.


Lexmark Smart Document Capture

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Eliminate manual business processes in your bank operations with smart document capture

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