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Mobile computing has become pervasive—it’s simply a state of always on, barrier-free connectedness that entertains, enlightens and helps you get more work done.  

While business users expect desktop and mobile printing to be equally convenient, IT managers know how complicated it can be to provide seamless output due to mobile’s unique characteristics. With connectivity, security and network challenges to solve across multiple operating systems, providing your users with the flexible printing they expect can be complex. 

Lexmark offers the experience and innovation to help you meet the printing needs of your users in a way that's easy and hassle-free for IT. By addressing your challenges with a comprehensive set of tools and options, we can help you achieve a mobile printing experience that is more transparent, simple and secure.


Unite systems of interactions with business applications

Lexmark's mobile printing portfolio includes: 


Mobile Standards: It’s free, it’s built into mobile and you can use it with Lexmark devices now. But while built-in mobile OS print features are convenient, printing in business environments may require additional flexibility.


AirPrint is a mobile printing solution included with the Apple iOS v 4.2 and later mobile operating systems that delivers a simple, direct print experience on a local network without the need to install a print driver.


Google Cloud Print is a built-in print capability on Android devices and Chromebooks that enables a driverless direct print experience on a local network, as well printing via the cloud to a cloud-connected print device.


The Mopria® Print Service enables your Android 4.4 or later smartphone or tablet to connect and print photos, web pages, and documents wirelessly to any Mopria certified printer. 

Mobile Solutions:  These solutions are available from Lexmark to integrate the mobile device with the printing experience.


Lexmark Print app for iOS and Android devices provides a simple and consistent user experience for printing from mobile devices.


Search: Quickly search your network to add printers.

QR Code: Scan a device’s QR Code to automatically add the Lexmark print device.

Manual: Users can easily add a printer by manually entering its IP address, hostname or URL.

Direct Print: Print directly to a discovered Lexmark printer with no server required.

Submit and release: Submit or release a document from Lexmark Print Management directly from a mobile device.

Selectable print options: Select number of copies, duplex, color, paper tray, paper size, orientation, paper type and paper saver.

Supported document formats: Print PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF formats.

Direct scan: Scan directly to your mobile device from a discovered Lexmark printer with no server required.

Scan sharing: Share scanned files with available applications on the mobile device such as email and cloud applications.

Append scans: Append scanned files with images from the camera or photo gallery to create a single attachment

Customize: Administrators can hide and show functionality, such as direct printing or color printing, depending on their environment.

Set defaults: Administrators can pre‑configure the Mobile Print app to enable default settings and configuration

Deploy configuration: File can be deployed throughout a department for mobile app policy enforcement

This application works with the following Lexmark printers and multifunction products:

Lexmark C73x Series
Lexmark C74x Series
Lexmark C79x Series
Lexmark C92x Series
Lexmark C95x Series
Lexmark CS31x Series
Lexmark CS41x Series
Lexmark CS51x Series
Lexmark CS72x Series
Lexmark CS820 Series
Lexmark CX31x Series
Lexmark CX41x Series
Lexmark CX51x Series
Lexmark CX725 Series
Lexmark CX820 Series

Lexmark CX86x Series
Lexmark E46x Series
Lexmark MS51x Series
Lexmark MS61x Series
Lexmark MS71x Series
Lexmark MS81x Series
Lexmark MS91x Series
Lexmark MX31x Series
Lexmark MX41x Series
Lexmark MX51x Series
Lexmark MX61x Series
Lexmark MX71x Series
Lexmark MX81x Series
Lexmark MX91x Series
Lexmark T64x Series

Lexmark T65x Series
Lexmark W85x Series
Lexmark X36x Series
Lexmark X46x Series
Lexmark X54x Series
Lexmark X64x Series
Lexmark X65x Series
Lexmark X73x Series
Lexmark X74x Series
Lexmark X79x Series
Lexmark X85x Series
Lexmark X86x Series
Lexmark X92x Series
Lexmark X94x Series
Lexmark X95x Series

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