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Assessment Services

Engage. Evaluate. Be more efficient.

Finding ways to work together more efficiently isn’t easy—especially when it comes to improving the flow of information through your organization.

Learn how to improve your workflow and output environments with a complimentary Lexmark assessment.

Your paper documents can be misplaced. Digital content can become unavailable in different systems. And your document output can create security and sustainability issues if it’s not well-managed.

You need a strategic plan to improve your information and output environments, so your teams can access, manage and share paper-based and digital content. But developing that kind of plan is usually tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Until now.

Lexmark Assessment Services provides consultations to help pinpoint problem areas—and offer recommendations that can greatly improve your organization’s efficiency and cost savings.

Lexmark Managed Print Services Assessment (MPS)

Discover the best way to optimize your output environment. This assessment will help you gain a better understanding of your print fleet’s needs, identify opportunities and recommend areas for improvement using our innovative solutions and services. 

Lexmark Content Solutions Workflow Assessment

Learn how to make all your digital and paper-based information easily available to the right people, whenever they need it. Our consultants will:

  • Meet with you to define objectives and scope of work
  • Collect data on-site
  • Analyze the data and present preliminary findings
  • Prepare a report
  • Present a final assessment with benchmarks, findings and recommendations

Benefits of Assessment Services

  • Assesses your workflow and output environment at no cost
  • Adapts recommendations and solutions to your specific needs
  • Helps increase speed, efficiency and cost savings through our solutions

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