Lexmark Cloud Bridge

For customers looking to simplify print management, Lexmark Cloud Bridge is an advanced connectivity suite designed to empower workplace flexibility in every type of network.

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Simplify print services access with direct connectivity

Lexmark Cloud Bridge technology enables all types of print devices and complete fleet network environments to connect to Lexmark's cloud infrastructure in a simplified, flexible manner. Its innovative architecture enables access to advanced managed print services without the need for additional hardware and software. This connectivity suite unlocks, with simplicity and scale, device configuration, predictive services and interactive analytics to drive greater fleet performance across the network.

Lexmark Cloud Bridge

Enable secure, flexible connectivity

Flexible architecture for every type of organization

Lexmark Cloud Bridge opens new opportunities for both enterprise and channel customers to simplify how they acquire and deliver print services. The technology suite features four agents, each designed to meet your organzation's unqiue connectivity and network requirements.

Native agent is IoT-native firmware that enables Lexmark devices to connect directly with Lexmark Cloud Services and Lexmark’s Managed Print Services (MPS) global system. This is ideal for locations with one to several devices in remote work situations, customers with disparate networks or hyper-distributed locations.

Print agent is a printer-based app enabling direct connectivity, including legacy solutions-capable Lexmark devices that are not IoT native. This app enhances services capabilities for older devices, extending their value over time.

Fleet agent compliments direct connectivity options, providing flexibility to aggregate data on-premise with a server-based solution. This functionality works well for environments with a larger number of devices such as headquarter locations or when the fleet includes third-party, non-Lexmark devices.

Local agent supports direct connected printers, particularly security-conscious customers who manage their hybrid work environment through a private network with VPN.

Access award-winning MPS capabilities from anywhere

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) is a technology-based, data driven solution that drives savings and flexibility while eliminating the burden on IT resources, printing and scanning requirements. By leveraging the use of emerging technologies including cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and interactive analytics, we continually monitor device performance to anticipate and prevent disruptions before they occur.

Advanced cloud connectivity for partners

For partners, Lexmark Cloud Bridge connectivity suite snaps into Cloud Fleet Management to deliver enhanced remote device management with advanced configuration, firmware updates, centralized visibility, supplies and alert messaging – all without ever needing to visit on-site. This means less time spent on IT and maintenance tasks, and more time growing your business.

End-to-end technology ownership for seamless integration

Lexmark’s unique industry position as an end-to-end technology owner is what enables this seamless device to backend system connectivity. From the print engine, to device communication, to its single Global IoT System, Lexmark leverages unique technology cohesion that is a requirement to deliver a truly integrated connectivity solution.

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