#28 Black Return Program Print Cartridge

cikkszám:: 18C1428E


  • Yield Value: 175

Termék leírása


● Print business quality text and graphic documents with high visual impact due to sharper black inks.

Page yields may vary based on factors such as machine model, media, print mode, print file type and print applications.

Increased Reliability

● This cartrige contains redundant nozzles, which help ensure consistent print quality. Nozzles are laid out in pairs, so if one becomes clogged or fails, the other continues to print.

Lexmark Return Program*

● The #28 black cartridge reflects a $4 up-front discount** compared to alternative cartridges in exchange for agreeing to return the used cartridges only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling.

Fast, High Quality Prints

● This high-resolution black cartridge uses Lexmark's exclusive pigmented black ink. This ink coupled with an increased number of printhead nozzles adn swath size, enables consumers to consistently produce high-qualityprints at unprecedented print speeds.

● Buy Lexmark Genuine ink and Paper for Best Results!

*Non-refillable cartridge licensed for single use only. Return empty cartridge only to Lexmark for remanufacturing, refilling or recycling. A variable amount of ink remains when this cartridge must be replaced. Replacement cartridges (28A) sold without those terms are available through www.lexmark.com.

**Discount reflects the differenc between Lexmark's suggested street prices for the equivalent cartridges; actual cartridge prices and effective discount may vary based on reseller pricing and promotions.

Általános adatok

cikkszám: 18C1428E
Yield Value
  • 175
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program
  • Yes
Átlagos névleges kapacitási érték (folyamatos egyoldalas nyomtatás esetén)
  • akár 175 normál oldal ISO/IEC 24711 szabványnak megfelelő
Csomagolt méret (mm - magasság x szélesség x mélység)
  • 98 x 70 x 38 mm
Csomagolt súly (kg)
  • 0.05 kg
Súly (kg)
  • 1.28 kg

Elektromos adatok és működés

Származási ország
  • Fülöp-szigetek, Mexikó