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Wealth Management

Electronically manage unstructured documents and content

In wealth management, dealing with the daily influx of print and digital information – in multiple formats – is daunting. Yet even in this environment, making sure that documents are easy to find has to be balanced against the need for client confidentiality, security and regulatory compliance.

We get it. That's why Lexmark's document management solutions provide instant access to structured and unstructured documents, so your staff can get critical financial data from anywhere.

Our workflow and content solutions also help connect your people, processes and applications to eliminate bottlenecks and simplify paper-driven tasks. So you can process new account openings and manage investment portfolios more efficiently and accurately, improving the client experience.

Plus, take advantage of advanced solutions such as document output management to generate customised correspondence, reports and other customer communications for print, email or fax delivery cost effectively.

Our solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. As a result, they can seamlessly connect with your existing wealth management software applications to streamline day-to-day processes – and easily adapt to future changes in your organisation.

Benefits of wealth management workflow

  • Improve account service and response
  • Eliminate the costs and delays associated with managing paper forms
  • Automate processing steps and enhances productivity
  • Provide fast, secure access to client information
  • Speed output of forms in remote locations and branch offices

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