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Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Protecting the environment is part of our nature.

As a provider of printing solutions, Lexmark produces and distributes millions of supplies each year, including ink, toner and paper. For our company, it is clear that during the life of a printer, though the most significant environmental impact is paper, cartridges impact should not be neglected. Each Lexmark cartridge is a piece of engineering developed to provide to the final user the best print quality. Lexmark supplies are designed to be returned and recycled, not to be wasted. Learn more.

Lexmark has implemented the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program to encourage you, our customer, to easily recycle your empty Lexmark cartridges. This program is designed to help ensure that empty Lexmark print cartridges are properly recovered, reused or recycled; resulting in less solid waste and fewer resources consumed. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program is always free to the consumer and are designed to be easy to use.