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Lexmark Equipment Collection Program

The European WEEE Directive

Lexmark is advocating full product stewardship, including the proper disposal of electronic equipment at the end of its useful life. That’s why we support and encourage the implementation of the European WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). N° 2002/96/CE of the 27th January 2003.

The goals of the WEEE Directive

  • To stop the increase of Waste of electrical and electronic equipments put on landfill (12kg/ inhabitant per year)
  • To reduce the pollution risk due to non treated WEEE
  • To preserve resources by encouraging recycling and reuse
  • To improve the environmental performance of all organizations involved in the EEE Life Cycle.

The WEEE Obligations for Producers and Users

  • Producers shall implement or adhere to WEEE collection, treatment and recycling schemes and pay for it.
  • Producers must consider EEE eco-design in order to facilitate dismantling, reuse and recycling at products end of life.
  • Producers must inform their customers on the WEEE collection solution for any product bought on and after the 13th August 2005.
  • Household EEE put on the market after the 13th August 2005 must be marked according to the requirements of the EU WEEE Directive. The special "crossed out wheeled bin" symbol is placed on products to indicate that when disposed of, the product must be subject to a selective collection.
  • Users must follow the producer instructions when they decide to dispose of their equipment, marked with the” crossed out wheeled bin”.

how does it work?

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All Lexmark products put on the market since the 13th of August 2005(household and professional) are marked with the “crossed out wheeled bin” symbol.

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In compliance with the WEEE Directive, all information about the End of Life Management process for the printing equipment of household or professional users is available on the deliverables driver CD delivered with the printer.

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Lexmark has set-up a fully compliant logistic system for the transport of your waste back to our recycling partner’s facilities. We have contracted with partners who operate European-wide. Through this system, Lexmark guarantees that the collected WEEE will be treated in accordance with the EU- Directive and beyond, with recycling and reuse targets higher than 99% (in average component weight).

A Lexmark begyűjtési programjai országonként eltérőek az egyes országok elektromos és elektronikus berendezések hulladékaira vonatkozó törvényeitől és a Lexmark helyi szolgáltatási ajánlataitól függően. Ennélfogva azt javasoljuk, hogy további tájékoztatásért forduljon a Lexmark helyi irodájához vagy képviselőjéhez.