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Lexmark X6170

Parça No.: 15K0006

Ürün Açıklaması

Print, Scan, Copy and Fax at Business Pace

Professional productivity

With Lexmark's PrecisionSense™ technology, optical sensors automatically detect the type of paper used, whether plain, glossy photo, transparency or coated paper, avoiding wasted time and paper, and ensuring that your print set-up is automatically adjusted for the best results every time. AccuFeed™ virtually eliminates paper jams, all the more important when you use letterhead, photo or other quality paper, or when printing large runs. With automatic cartridge alignment, you get precision printing with no hassle and no chance for human error. And with the X6170's 50-page Auto Document Feeder, you can copy, scan or fax documents while carrying out other tasks, with no need for sheet-by-sheet feeding. Even the fax capability on the X6170 offers the highest productivity, with a memory of 80 speed dial numbers and 20 groups, the details of your key contacts are stored for immediate access.

Business-class speed

With the X6170, you can print up to 19 ppm mono, 15 ppm colour, copy up to 16 ppm mono, 12 ppm colour, and fax at up to 33.6 Kbps (up to 6 seconds per page).

Quality printing, scanning, faxing and copying

Thanks to Lexmark's PrecisionPhoto™ technology, you get professional-quality printing (up to 4800 x 1200 dpi) with variable drop size (3 and 10 picoliters) for amazingly sharp results, finer detail and less grainy images. Our black pigment-based ink offers laser-like texts, and fade-resistant, water-resistant documents, and even infrared-readable bar codes. The combination of high-resolution 4800 x1200 dpi printing and 48-bit scanning ensures accurate colour reproduction and delivers exceptional quality from any original, whether for scanning to computer files, for copying, or faxing.

Genel Özellikler

Parça No. 15K0006
Baskı Teknolojisi
  • Termal Inkjet
  • Renkli Fotokopi
  • Renkli Faks
  • Renkli Baskı
  • Color Scanning
Desteklenen Kağıt Boyutları
  • Kakugata 6, 7 3/4 Zarf, 9 Zarf, A4, Legal, A5, Letter, B5 Zarf, Statement, C5 Zarf, DL Zarf, 6 3/4 Zarf, L, 2L, Chokei 3, Chokei 4, Chokei 40, Kakugata 3, Kakugata 4, Kakugata 5, A2 Baronial, A6 Kart, B5, C6 Zarf, Özel (8.5" x 17", 216mm x 432mm'ye kadar), Hagaki Kart, Index Kart, Executive, 10 Zarf
Standart Portlar
  • USB 2.0 ile uyumlu USB Özelliği (B Tipi)
Boyut (mm - Y x G x D)
  • 296 x 500 x 439 mm.
  • not define kg.
Paketlenmiş Boyutu (mm - Y x G x D)
  • 498 x 599 x 564 mm.
Paketlenmiş Ağırlığı (kg)
  • 11.3 kg.


Maksimum Kopyalama Hızı
  • Renkli:
  • Draft: 12 kopya/dakika'ya kadar
Boyut Küçültme/Büyütme
  • 25 - 400 %

Faks alma/gönderme

Modem Hızı
  • 33.6 Kbps


Maksimum Baskı Hızı
  • Renkli:
  • Draft: 19 sayfa/dakika'ya kadar
  • Draft: 15 sayfa/dakika'ya kadar
Baskı Çözünürlüğü
  • Siyah: 2400 x 1200 dpi'a kadar
  • Renkli: 4800 x 1200 dpi'a kadar


Tarayıcı Tipi
  • ADF 'li düz yataklı tarayıcı
Tarama Alanı
  • mm:
  • 216 x 297 mm. (Maksimum)
Tarama Teknolojisi
  • 48 bit derinlikli CCD
Tarama Çözünürlüğü
  • Gelişmiş: 19200 ppi
  • Optik: 1200 x 4800 dpi
ADF Kağıt Besleme Kapasitei
  • 50 sayfa 20 lbs veya 75g/m2
ADF Kağıt Besleme Boyutları
  • A4, Legal, Letter

Kağıt Besleme

Desteklenen Kağıt Tipleri
  • Banner (A4 veya Letter), Hagaki Kart, Index Kart (3"x5"), Etiket, Fotoğraf Kağıdı, Ütü Baskı Transferleri, Stok Kartı, Düz Kağıt, Kaplamalı Kağıt, Asetatlar, Zarflar
  • mm - Y x G x D:
  • Kağıt Besleme Tepsileri Açıkken (" - H x W x D): 12.7 x 19.7 x 20.5 in.
  • Kağıt Besleme Tepsileri Açıkken: 323 x 500 x 521 mm.


Opsiyonel Ağ Portları
  • Fast Ethernet için Lexmark N4000e (Sadece Yazdırma için), Lexmark N4050e 802.11g Kablosuz Print Server (Sadece Yazdırma için)

Desteklenen İşletim Sistemleri

Desteklenen İşletim Sistemleri
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista

Elektronik ve İşletimsel

Gürültü Seviyesi
  • Tarama:
  • 48 dBA'ya kadar (İşlem Anında)
  • 45 dBA'ya kadar (İşlem Anında)
  • 44 dBA'ya kadar (İşlem Anında)
  • 43212110


Ürün Garanti Süresi
  • not define

Sürücüler ve İndirmeler

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Compatible downloads for

Files Type OS OS Version Languages Date Released Size Link
CJXP6100TC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-12-14 30 MB; CJXP6100TC.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;
cjrX6100TC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-10-26 32 MB; cjrX6100TC.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjsX6100TC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-10-26 52 MB; cjsX6100TC.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;;
cjsX6100AR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Arabic 2009-10-22 53 MB; cjsX6100AR.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
CJB6100GE.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 German 2009-08-22 28 MB; CJB6100GE.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;895c94f72992698438152ac500ff7bee029c5e864717f16083568df8c45fb1a4
CJXP6100AR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Arabic 2009-08-22 31 MB; CJXP6100AR.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100CZ.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Czech 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100CZ.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100DA.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Danish 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100DA.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100HU.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Hungarian 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100HU.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;0f7e700caa4c899bea26dc1b9c70abca8a7f8680ba4381419c240524e141741b
CJXP6100PO.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Polish 2009-08-22 29 MB; CJXP6100PO.EXE;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100RU.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Russian 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100RU.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100SW.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Swedish 2009-08-22 29 MB; CJXP6100SW.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;d05f409be7c819ae8f28b6e44f5a4d6981efd3351a4a88f28bc58f5106dab069
cjrX6100AR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Arabic 2009-08-22 33 MB; cjrX6100AR.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;0fd48775ef4c77f712b6de975d8e32377c7c321a1a5764e0e14eec49ffe92d00
cjrX6100BP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100BP.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjrX6100DA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Danish 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100DA.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjrX6100DU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Dutch 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100DU.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjrX6100FR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista French 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100FR.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;
cjrX6100GE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista German 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100GE.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjrX6100GR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Greek 2009-08-22 32 MB; cjrX6100GR.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;4c90e3b47def325c4848f5d354b711828d2763dd79d5d1135e14ed98d9d0d323
cjrX6100HU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Hungarian 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100HU.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;;
cjrX6100NO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Norwegian 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100NO.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjrX6100SP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Spanish 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100SP.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjsX6100DA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Danish 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100DA.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;
cjsX6100FI.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Finnish 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100FI.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjsX6100GR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Greek 2009-08-22 52 MB; cjsX6100GR.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjsX6100HE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Hebrew 2009-08-22 55 MB; cjsX6100HE.exe;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100HU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Hungarian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100HU.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjsX6100JA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Japanese 2009-08-22 61 MB; cjsX6100JA.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100NO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Norwegian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100NO.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;
cjsX6100PO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Polish 2009-08-22 52 MB; cjsX6100PO.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;052e12853c6d9976b112cb43a2bbe98b92fa0d485e63a8172dff10e2250c3f34
cjsX6100RU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Russian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100RU.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
CJXP6100BP.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100BP.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100DU.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Dutch 2009-08-21 29 MB; CJXP6100DU.EXE;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100FI.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Finnish 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100FI.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100FR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP French 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100FR.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100GR.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Greek 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100GR.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100HE.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Hebrew 2009-08-21 31 MB; CJXP6100HE.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100IT.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Italian 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100IT.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100JA.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Japanese 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100JA.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100NO.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Norwegian 2009-08-21 29 MB; CJXP6100NO.EXE;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100SC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100SC.EXE;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;V1.0.12.0;
CJXP6100SP.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Spanish 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100SP.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0;
cjrX6100CZ.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Czech 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100CZ.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;
cjrX6100FI.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Finnish 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100FI.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjrX6100HE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Hebrew 2009-08-21 35 MB; cjrX6100HE.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjrX6100IT.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Italian 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100IT.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjrX6100JA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Japanese 2009-08-21 41 MB; cjrX6100JA.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjrX6100PO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Polish 2009-08-21 32 MB; cjrX6100PO.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjrX6100RU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Russian 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100RU.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;
cjrX6100SC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 32 MB; cjrX6100SC.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjrX6100SW.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Swedish 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100SW.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100BP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100BP.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100CZ.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Czech 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100CZ.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;;
cjsX6100DU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Dutch 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100DU.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100FR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 French 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100FR.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;;
cjsX6100GE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 German 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100GE.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;;
cjsX6100IT.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Italian 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100IT.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100SC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 52 MB; cjsX6100SC.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;;
cjsX6100SP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Spanish 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100SP.exe;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;;
cjsX6100SW.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Swedish 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100SW.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;;