Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing

Don’t let paper-based processes slow down your supply chain.

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Speed document processes across the supply chain

Lexmark’s Supply Chain Document Optimisation solutions for manufacturing can streamline your processes, help you gain visibility, consolidate your devices, raise productivity, lower your costs and improve compliance.

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Your entire supply chain optimised

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Lexmark MX812dpe

The Lexmark MX812dpe MFP has all the features you need to streamline manufacturing processes and rugged construction

Lexmark MX611de

Accomplish more and automate your supply chain processes with the manufacturing ready Lexmark MX611de.

Lexmark MX722adhe

Ausgabegeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 70 [66] Seiten/min* und eine Standardfestplatte unterstützen das flexibel konfigurierbare, mit OCR ausgestattete Lexmark MX722adhe Monochrom-Multifunktionsgerät dabei, Anforderungen für große Arbeitsgruppen Anforderungen zu erfüllen.

Lexmark MX826ade

Mit Schwarzweiß-Ausgabegeschwindigkeiten bis zu 70 [66] Seiten/min*, langlebigen Komponenten, Tonerkassetten mit ultrahoher Kapazität, außergewöhnlicher Stabilität und umfassenden Finishing-Optionen ist der MX826ade das führende Schwarzweiß-Multifunktionsprodukt für große Arbeitsgruppen von Lexmark.

Search for more devices with our product finder.

Get control of supply chain documents

Streamline shipping and receiving processes and minimise production downtime, Supply Chain Document Optimisation delivers powerful features that add value to every step of manufacturing.

Increase user adoption with a familiar touchscreen interface that supports remote capture across your entire enterprise.  Then, advanced routing and data collection means data is available instantly, searchable and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Lexmark’s unique ability to handle complex media means that packing lists, shipping labels, continuous feed media, vinyl labels or cardstock print without issue.


Kuehne + Nagel’s optimised supply chain

[MP4 5:08]

Kuehne + Nagel talks about their success with Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimisation and MPS.

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