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Privacy Policy

You may be wondering... what does Lexmark do with my personal information it collects online? Whether we are requesting your credit card number or your home address, Lexmark and third parties who provide services to Lexmark use your personal information to service your requests, enhance your web experience and to improve our Web site. Occasionally, we may want to send you information about promotions or special products. But if you don't want us to contact you about related information and products, that's okay, too. We will respect your wishes.

We collect information from visits to our sites to help us understand trends and patterns and provide better customer service and use this information in the aggregate. The personal information we may collect includes your name, physical and e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, and credit card information.

We want you to feel comfortable about visiting our Lexmark Web site and giving us your personal information. Therefore, we are in the process of implementing the following privacy practices around the world:

We will let you know any time we collect information that identifies you personally.

We will not sell your personal information to other companies. Lexmark may share your Personal Data with third-party companies that perform services on Lexmark's behalf, such as freight and delivery companies, companies that process credit card transactions, and marketing research companies.

We always protect your online Lexmark store transactions with the Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) 40-bit encryption, the accepted standard of the Internet community. In addition, to further protect your personal information over the Internet, we are changing all our forms that collect any personal data to use SSL 40-bit encryption.

We will give you the option to choose whether you'd like to receive e-mail from us. And when you do receive an e-mail from us, we will offer you the option to discontinue receiving e-mails.

As the Internet matures, so will our policies pertaining to privacy information. We will post policy changes on this page as soon as the commitment has been made to alter any standing policy. The security and privacy of your personal information are very important to Lexmark. We hope we have eased your concerns. You may still have questions about "cookies." Cookies is a technology used to provide you with personalised Web site information. If you want to know more about cookies, please see "What Are Cookies?". Lexmark's Web sites may contain links to Web sites of third parties. Lexmark is not responsible for the privacy practices, the content or the product or service offerings of any of third party Web site. If you still have questions about Lexmark's privacy practices, contact us at

Thank you for visiting Lexmark's website.

Effective Date: July 1, 2004