Quocirca again names Lexmark a leader in print security

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‘Ongoing commitment to security’: Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2023

Report Summary

Lexmark demonstrates an “ongoing commitment to security,” Quocirca said in its Print Security Landscape, 2023 report. The global market insight and research firm also named Lexmark a leader in print security, a designation we have received several times.

Quocirca defines leaders as vendors with strong strategic vision and a comprehensive print security product and service offering. Leaders have made significant investments in their hardware, solutions and service portfolio and infrastructure, and they demonstrate a strong vision for future strategy.

The report highlights Lexmark’s strengths in print security:

•   Secure by Design approach: “Security is an integral design and engineering goal embedded in all Lexmark products and services.1

•   Key technology ownership: By owning the core technology across our services, solutions, software, hardware and firmware, Lexmark is “reducing the risk of security holes between different platforms and technologies.1

•   “Proven industry expertise1”: Lexmark has a long history in some of the most highly regulated industries, including banking, finance and healthcare, and is the choice of some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

•   Lexmark Cloud Services: Our “security-centric” cloud services move print infrastructure to the cloud “while maintaining the same levels of security, control and performance.1

•   Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities: “Lexmark Secure Document Manager (LSDM), available worldwide, captures user data and content from every document that is printed, scanned, or faxed directly from the device for better, more immediate end-point monitoring.1

Security is clearly central to Lexmark’s strategy and direction in the market. Lexmark is a good fit for organizations using managed print service (MPS) that are looking to drive further transformation around the security of their print infrastructure.

Louella Fernandes

Secure your printer fleet with Lexmark’s comprehensive device and software portfolio

1 Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2023

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