Secure Cheque Printing

Fight cheque fraud schemes. Drive new revenue into the branch.

The cost of cheque fraud can run into the billions of dollars each year. One particularly vulnerable area is the printing and issuance of cheques on pre-printed cheque stock that's subject to pilfering and manipulation. It also creates burdensome storing, handling and management issues.

Reduce your bank's exposure to both internal and external cheque fraud

With Source Technologies Secure Printing solutions, you can greatly reduce your exposure to cheque fraud by automating, accelerating and securing your cheque issuance process. Secure MICR cheque printing, prevents a wide variety of cheque fraud schemes by securely printing cheques on blank cheque stock using Lexmark's core engine hardware and Source Technologies' secure cheque printing expertise – thus eliminating the risk and expense of preprinted cheque stock.

Multiple layers of security – including secure numeric fonts and unique software solutions – allow your organization to gain greater insight and management of its entire payment disbursement process. Positive pay files, bi-directional print confirmation, signature authorization and audit trail reporting are additional features of the fraud preventative suite of solutions.

Reduce cheque issuance expense and increase branch revenue

Bank personnel can print cheque on demand and execute voids on the fly reducing customer wait time. With blank cheque stock banks can print starter cheques eliminating the cost, management and oversight burden of starter cheque kits. Additionally, the bank could eliminate all counter cheques by charging a fee for "personalized" on-demand counter cheque creating a new revenue stream and eliminating back-office expenses associated with processing of pre-printed counter items.  

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