Testing and Grading

Save time, raise student achievement, save money, and do it easily!

As schools comply with No Child Left Behind, the use of optical mark recognition (OMR) or "bubble sheet" test forms has increased significantly. Schools must purchase expensive preprinted testing forms, store and distribute them, then ship them to a centralized location for scanning and scoring after the test is administered. The result: added supplies and processing costs plus critical delays in reporting and evaluating test scores. In addition, acquiring and supporting a single-task OMR device is a luxury most schools can no longer afford. Easy isn't the word that comes to mind.

Lexmark' s Testing & Grading solution lets teachers or administrators prepare test materials, scan and score tests, create reports and analyze data to use to prepare for future exams -- all from a single multifunction printer conveniently located near the classroom. Lexmark provides teachers and administrators with the ability to quickly gather student exam results, create reports and analyze data, all from one location, in a fraction of the time. Now that's easy!

  • Saves Time — no more multiple processes and forms
  • Raises Student Achievement — teachers spend more time with their students, not grading tests
  • Saves Money — print bubble sheets and tests on demand
  • User Friendly — easy-to-use interface makes testing and assessment a snap


Testing & Grading

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Bursting the bubble: Lexmark simplifies OMR to help schools score critical time and cost savings.

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