An IoT solution built for business outcomes

With the Lexmark Optra IoT Platform, you can drive benefits across your organization.

As a maker of connected devices, you need a solution that will quickly help you deliver outcomes from R&D to manufacturing, sales and marketing to service operations, and more.  

The Lexmark IoT sensor-to-action solution drives benefits across your business.

The Optra IoT Platform does just that. It has been tested, proven and successfully used for years by Lexmark for our own managed services business. 


Predictive services

Using our own IoT solution, Lexmark has achieved: 70% of support issues with our managed devices are resolved remotely 

Elevate your service delivery

In a reactive service model, when a device fails, the users of your connected devices make a call to your helpdesk, a technician is dispatched and the customer’s workplace is disrupted by the on-site visit. Your customer faces frustration, increased downtime and potentially lost revenue. You face downgraded user experience, support inefficiency and increased service costs. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

With the Optra IoT Platform, predictive services can be at your fingertips. Using a treasure trove of performance data gathered from your devices, you’ll have a handle on precisely what is causing your devices to fail, how and when. With the power of data analytics and insights enabled by the Lexmark IoT solution, you can anticipate device failures and disruptions before they occur — and even resolve the issues remotely before your customers are aware there’s an issue. 

  • Evolve beyond reactive support
  • Upgrade your user experience
  • Reduce your cost of service
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Asset optimization

Using our own IoT solution, Lexmark has achieved: 25% increase in profitability via optimized utilization 

Get the most out of your products

Decisions about when your devices in the field should be replaced are difficult. Get the timing wrong and you might lose revenue, plus your customers are burdened needless change and disruptions.  

By operationalizing the data streaming from your connected devices, you can free yourself of these risky decisions. 

The Optra IoT Platform brings you reporting dashboards full of data and insights around device utilization, costs, service history and more — over the lifetime of each device.  

You’ll enable data-driven decision making, empowering you to guide your customers on whether they should replace a device, refresh their entire fleet or continue with repairs. 

  • Maximize your product lifecycle
  • Grow your profitability per device
IoT asset optimization and manufacturing illustration

Systemic innovation

Using our own IoT solution, Lexmark has achieved: 30% improvement in engineering efficiency

Maximize R&D and manufacturing success 

The importance of product design and operational efficiency is paramount to makers of connected devices. You’re already ahead of the pack by the mere fact that your products are connected. But how do you go a step further?  

Like many manufacturers, your product design and manufacturing cycle might be too long and inefficient. For instance, you might be releasing devices that were designed based on data and customer feedback from years earlier. What if you could accelerate that cycle? 

With the Optra Cloud Platform, set your teams free to design and manufacture devices informed by real-time data from the field. You can respond quickly to what your customers need and want from your products, significantly reducing your time to market. 

Plus, when a problem surfaces, your engineering teams will have immediate access to device data to rapidly support field and manufacturing issues. You’ll be able to act and resolve quickly. 

  • Enhance your R&D product design
  • Optimize your manufacturing quality and cycle times
  • Improve your quality assurance (QA) testing efficiency
  • Implement predictive demand planning
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As-a-service engagements

Using our own IoT solution, Lexmark has achieved: 40% contractual or recurring revenue 

Provide flexibility for your customers and you

Interest in as-a-service, or subscription, acquisition models is growing, and an increasing number of companies are offering these more modern engagements. 

In a traditional engagement model, your customers buy devices from you. But with an as-a-service engagement, your customers buy the use of the devices, leaving the ownership and management to you. It offers your customers greater flexibility in how they engage with your business, and potential capital expenditure flexibility. And for you? A powerful source of recurring revenue. 

With the Optra IoT Platform, critical real-time device usage and performance data is seamlessly connected with customer billing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Using this enhanced data, you’ll have the backbone to offer flexible as-a-service engagement models, to the benefit of both your customers and you. 

  • Increase engagement flexibility for your customers
  • Secure recurring revenue
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As a manufacturer and early adopter of IoT connectivity and IoT data analytics to drive business outcomes, we know how complex IoT is. Learn how we do it.