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How to find your printer model or supplies part number

Printer model number for your Lexmark device

Finding your printer model

Your printer model number can be found directly above or below the display panel of your device.

Supplies part numbers for Lexmark devices

Finding your supplies part number

You can find a list of replacement cartridges for your starter cartridge on the right hand side of the starter cartridge.

You can find the supplies part number for your Lexmark return programme cartridge on the left hand side of the cartridge (pictured above).

You can also find the correct replacement cartridge number for your device in the User Guide

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Lexmark printers and Genuine Lexmark supplies

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Sustainability background

Lexmark supplies and the environment

Lexmark recycling programmes

As part of our focus on the circular economy, Lexmark helps you minimize the environmental impacts of printing with eco-minded consumables and recycling options. Our award-winning cartridge collection programme and free equipment collection programme make it easy to recycle and remanufacture equipment and supplies.

Learn about our reuse and recycling programmes

Part of a sustainable future

At Lexmark, sustainability starts with devices made to last longer, so fewer raw materials and less energy are needed to produce and distribute devices to the market.  We also offer services, solutions and programmes that help reduce the environmental impact of your printing and imaging activities. And, we provide responsible methods to reuse or recycle your devices at the end of life. 

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