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Our technology-based approach allows us to manage devices in a single global system that serves as the foundation for an analytics engine.

Like other smart devices that make up the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT), Lexmark printers and multifunction products (MFPs) are equipped with sensors that enable us to collect millions of alerts and data points. This enormous repository of data enables us to perform analytics that benefit customers at every stage of MPS adoption—providing rich benchmarking data to create the ideal fleet design for your organisation, eliminating downtime and manual intervention with predictive service, as well as providing great insight for continuous improvement.


With a 95% managed print services contract renewal rate, Lexmark MPS is a leader in planning, deploying and supporting large fleets of devices designed to work the way employees work. 

Move from chaos to order

With managed print services (MPS), you can gain visibility and control of your entire document environment. This goes way beyond reducing printing and paper usage. Just as your business is always evolving, managed print services and managed document services continue to evolve to help organisations meet the information challenges of today and tomorrow. Although overall print volumes are down, the widespread use of tablets and smart phones has created additional complexity in the print environment. IT organisations need a strategy to provide access to print from mobile devices without compromising security.

Lexmark MPS takes a holistic approach to improving the enterprise print architecture. We help you by aligning devices with your business mission and taking care of their day-to-day management with proactive and predictive service to ensure optimal uptime. Once in place, the managed environment becomes a conduit to unify print and digital information for streamlined processes and workflow. You’ll benefit with fewer devices, fewer pages, lower costs and improved knowledge worker productivity.

With Lexmark managed print services, you’ll see tremendous upfront operational savings by having a single-system view that spans your entire organisation—across countries and continents. This approach provides a whole new level of control over support costs and consumables inventory.

Transform your print infrastructure into a platform for delivering precise information
We use a proven three-step approach to deploying managed print solutions


The first step is optimising the output infrastructure. Our industry-specific assessments will take your company quickly from discovery to rollout with placement of smart multifunction products (MFPs) in the right places based on the worker and the job at hand. Intuitive icon-driven processes can be initiated right from the MFP touch screen, creating a bridge between necessary hard copy and your core business processes.


The next step is proactive management, which provides visibility, continuity and control of your entire fleet of devices, anywhere in the world. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for consumables is automatically detected and the appropriate workflow is started. Our system ensures devices are up and running when and where our customers need them.


Finally, we use analytics, best practises and a combination of output, content and process management technology to create automated workflow solutions that streamline cumbersome paper-dependent processes, resulting in improved access to information, enhanced productivity and the reduction of print.

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Managed print services is not just a cost-cutting tool, it’s a strategy to transform the flow of print and digital information throughout your enterprise.

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