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Print can unlock value right across your healthcare operations.

In a medical environment, printed information goes far beyond your printers and their output; it can directly impact patients and healthcare management. Missing documents, offline printers and service delays can keep clinicians from providing the highest level of care.

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Healthcare Building

Digitise data

Capture and digitise patient information from the outset

Digitise patient-generated health data and information from multiple outside providers with Lexmark solutions. Smart capture leverages the power of your multifunction printer to streamline, simplify and enhance the process of getting clinical information into your systems, all right at the point of care.

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Patient engagement

Improve communication, no matter the patient’s spoken language

Maintaining current, easy-to-understand communications is critical to improving patient well-being and satisfaction and disruptions can keep clinicians from providing the highest level of care. Lexmark solutions translate documents, such as discharge instructions, in real time to provide a safety net for patients who need additional language support.

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Accurate data

Improve clinical access and patient safety with automated workflows

Integrate clinical data into your existing medical information systems using meta-tagging to improve data accuracy and patient safety. Lexmark Healthcare Assessments provide industry best practices for the placement and use of an output fleet whilst adding smart solutions to support clinical and administrative workflows.

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Protect privacy

Protect against insider threats by strengthening your data security

Protecting patient health information and preventing data breaches is critical to any organisation’s information security plan. Lexmark’s Secure by Design approach begins at the device, which has been designed to be secure from the start and extends to our software solutions and beyond to protect your patients’ digital and paper health information.

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Continuity of care

Ensure patient care, even when your systems are down

Don’t let network or system outages interrupt your healthcare operations. Lexmark solutions help you maintain continuity of care, offering user-friendly functionality that enables clinical staff to ensure patients receive timely medical attention, even when your systems go down.

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Lower costs

Unlock cost and efficiency gains with a smaller footprint

Lexmark printers are engineered to flex across different healthcare environments, including small clinical areas and large emergency departments. Cloud solutions reduce the number of devices you need and the number of pages you print, all whilst supporting your existing electronic medical record and ancillary systems in clinical and administrative areas.

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Robust reliability

Robust solutions with user-friendly functionality at the point of care

With decades of experience supporting healthcare customers, Lexmark builds hospital-grade printers and multifunction products for fast, reliable and accurate delivery of healthcare information. A common user interface allows your clinicians to immediately feel comfortable with the mobile-like experience.

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Continuous value

Identify ongoing ways to save money and gain value

Continuing to revise healthcare processes is key to unlocking wider value. Something as simple as us observing how notes are jotted down or listening to clinicians can lead to improved workflows for you. This is Lexmark’s proven approach and it’s why we build long-term successful relationships with our customers, and one reason why 95% of our customers renew with us.

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About Lexmark

Lexmark creates cloud- and IoT-enabled imaging technologies and hospital-grade printers that help healthcare customers worldwide quickly realise business outcomes. Through a powerful combination of proven technologies and deep industry expertise, Lexmark accelerates business transformation, turning information into insights, data into decisions and analytics into action.