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Print and Digital Signage

What’s your customer facing?

Your shelf-edge signs and labels are small in size, but quite impactful: When your shoppers are in your stores, considering your products, they’re looking at your signs to help make the decision.

Turn browsing shoppers into buyers with the Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solution. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping retailers lift sales and cut costs with a system that delivers great-looking and accurate signs with less effort.


Say more at the shelf edge

The shelf edge is valuable real estate. It’s where most of your shoppers go to find price and product information. Take advantage of that moment with compelling signs that support your brand and help your shoppers find what they need faster. Include price, product information, images, promotional messaging, recommendations and more. That way, they won’t have to look anywhere but to you to find the information they need.

The right message, at the right time

Every product in every one of your stores needs a sign. That’s a big job. But it’s not your biggest. Automated and streamlined processes help ensure that pricing and product updates can happen quickly and seamlessly so you can stay competitive within your market.

Central or in-store printing? Print or digital signs? How about all of the above

With our solution, you don’t have to choose just one way to handle your signage. You can decide how, when and where to publish based on your needs. Print in the store on a laser printer, in the store aisle from a handheld device and from a central print facility. It’s your call.

From the same system, you can also accommodate both print and digital signage. Whether print or digital, produced centrally or locally, the same underlying business rules, data and templates are used.

Comprehensive suite of software tools

Our print and digital signage solution is designed to handle all aspects of the signage process—from design and distribution to management and measurement. With our industry-leading suite of signage tools, the Publishing Platform for Retail, connect with your customers at the shelf edge and turn browsing shoppers into buyers.

Learn more about our industry-leading solution for great-looking and accurate shelf-edge signs and labels.

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