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AccuRead Automate

Classify and route documents without a server

Between the manual steps required for pre- and post-scan processing, wide variety of document types, employee training issues and limited network bandwidth in remote locations, many businesses struggle to capture printed information and retrieve it easily when needed.

Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate app enables a Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing.  The result is a simpler and easier capture process for users, requiring little training. Plus, it’s the only such technology that runs on your Lexmark MFP, saving the cost and management of an additional server and keeping all activity within your network and behind your firewall.

Benefits of AccuRead Automate

  • Expedites business processes by quickly getting data from documents to back-end systems
  • Minimises processing costs by reducing the number of manual steps and redundant error checks
  • Lowers investment and reduces administrative burdens by using serverless technology embedded on the MFP
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors by automatically extracting indexing data
  • Facilitates compliance and enhances customer service by accelerating information retrieval
  • Simplifies capture process by eliminating manual set-up for each document type