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Document Distributor

Connect capture sources across your organization to speed processes

The volume of unstructured information is exploding, created by almost everyone, in hundreds of formats and in a multitude of locations across organizations. Without effective capture processes, organizations struggle with getting content to the right people when they need it, and experience heightened compliance and security risks.

Lexmark Document Distributor lets you deliver documents and data from capture sources across your organization to wherever you need them, such as an ECM or ERP system. Capturing documents at the point of receipt, including field offices and dispersed locations, speeds processing, eliminates lost documents and data, and provides greater visibility.

With Document Distributor, you also gain immense flexibility in your infrastructure. Its integration options provide a secure connection between your capture sources and storage locations, while also enabling you to swap out components as your business needs change.   

With Document Distributor, you can:

  • Capture both paper and electronic documents from a variety of sources that include email and fax servers, MFPs, mobile devices and network folders.
  • Enable user interaction at the MFP to start processes, provide indexing and delivery information, and receive real time status updates.
  • Enhance images by removing skew, speckles and unwanted rotation.
  • Convert images to other graphic formats and convert images to text.
  • Deliver captured documents to a variety of destinations, including network folders, an ECM or and ERP system.
  • Customize solutions using a vast array of tools in the software development kit (SDK).
  • Add OCR, OMR and barcode support, as well as other library options, as your business needs expand.
  • Simplify MFP management by deploying apps, policies and global settings to devices on the network.