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Deployment Methodology

Deploy your project with care and confidence.

After determining your systems and software, the next step is efficient deployment throughout your organisation.

Our customers say the “easy” part in deployment is removing the old devices and putting in new systems. They recognise that the hard part is the coordination, logistics and planning, and that’s where Lexmark stands out.

As a single-source, global partner, we deploy software, services and smart devices to achieve innovative process optimisation. You deal with a single partner, even for the most complex global projects.

Our commitment is to have you up and running with maximum productivity and minimal disruption. We take the extra step of providing a detailed solution summary, including the number and placement of devices, resources and solutions, along with the service levels in each geography and location. Many customers cite our solutions-oriented proposals as detailed, insightful and more useful than hardware-centric proposals from other suppliers.

With Lexmark as your professional services partner, you’ll experience a new benchmark for launching IT services in your enterprise. It starts with solid technology, innovative ideas and experienced people. It endures as a long-term relationship that you never have to worry about. 

Benefits of Lexmark MPS Deployment

Implementing a new  Managed Output Service arrangement can be disruptive if not planned and communicated effectively. Lexmark’s proven project methodology and set of best practices are instrumental in ensuring timely transition with minimal disruption to the user community.

  • Minimise disruption to your business operations
  • Accelerate ROI and productivity
  • Rely on one partner for complex projects

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