Check to Protect for genuine toner cartridges

 Tips and tools for buying genuine Lexmark supplies

How to identify a genuine Lexmark cartridge

Lexmark is passionate about protecting you from trademark-infringing counterfeit cartridges and patent-infringing compatible cartridges. We’ve got simple tools for you to verify that you have a genuine Lexmark cartridge.

Check to Protect for genuine Lexmark toner cartridges

Use our online verification tool

Use the feature below to verify that you have a genuine Lexmark cartridge.

By entering the 12-digit code (starting with CA) found on a toner cartridge, you can verify the authenticity of your cartridge.

  • The serial number is located on both the supplies packaging and the cartridge.
  • Most Lexmark toner cartridge packaging also features a holographic security label that includes a QR code and a label ID number. This label ID number can also be entered in the window below for authentication.
  • Where do I find my printer name, model or supply number?


Get the Lexmark ID app for your smartphone

Need a mobile option? We also offer a cartridge verification tool for your smartphone. It’s another quick and easy way to for you to be sure that you are buying genuine Lexmark supplies.

Start by downloading the Lexmark ID app to your phone.

Then scan the cartridge’s serial numbers and security label ID numbers. You can instantly verify that the cartridge is a genuine Lexmark product.

5 ways to ensure you have a genuine Lexmark cartridge

1. Price
If you think the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Be familiar with market prices for genuine Lexmark cartridges before you make a purchase.

2. Point of Purchase
Make sure you buy products from Lexmark or an authorised Lexmark reseller or distributor. Be wary of international trade and auction web sites selling Lexmark cartridges. Always buy cartridges for your geographic region.

3. Packaging
Packaging that appears to have been tampered with, retaped, resealed or looks reused may not be a genuine Lexmark product.

4. Security Labels
We use security labels on most of our printer supplies packaging to help you identify genuine Lexmark products.

5. Serial Numbers
Most of our laser supplies packaging also includes serial numbers. With serialisation, we can track and trace our products from production all the way until you buy it. This enhanced safety measure helps us and our distributor and reseller partners. And it’s great peace of mind for you.

Serial number on Lexmark genuine supplies packaging

Have a cartridge that seems suspicious? Here’s how you can report it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of felony. When a source other than Lexmark offers you a “steal” on Lexmark supplies, it’s probably just that…a steal.

If you have a suspect product, you can:

2. Contact a supplies industry group

The Imaging Supplies Coalition (US only)

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa