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New Bank Account Opening

Eliminate costly errors

When account-opening documents – such as articles of incorporation or an IRS certification – are missing or inaccurate, it can stall or even cripple your compliance objectives.

The consequences are even worse if these mistakes aren't corrected before they become part of a document packet. In that case, they can impact your business on a number of levels, including customer satisfaction.

Lexmark's New Account Opening solution enables you to submit both structured and unstructured documents into your workflow easily – directly from smart multi-function products in the branch. Better yet, our distributed intelligent capture technology reviews each packet for completeness, identifying missing documents and signatures while a customer is still in the branch. Once the solution determines that an account-opening packet is complete, it automatically extracts, validates and indexes critical information – then routes it wherever it needs to go.

You can complete the entire process in minutes – without barcodes, templates, keywords or changes to your forms or back-office system. 

Benefits of New Account Opening solution

  • Print forms and marketing materials in vibrant colour for just a few pence per page
  • Help you exceed customer expectations
  • Automate all document input, data extraction, validation and routing
  • Eliminate courier expenses, delays and lost documents
  • Improve audit readiness and compliance

To learn more about Lexmark's solutions for banking, contact us today.


Innovative Workflows Reduce Errors in Banking Processes

[PDF 891.52 KB]

Progressive financial services institutions are turning to automated workflow solutions that dramatically improve accuracy.