Orders Routing

Automate delivery of handwritten orders in non-CPOE areas

With full adoption of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) still out of reach for many hospitals and clinics, healthcare providers need a reliable way to transmit handwritten medical orders to their receiving departments, especially medication orders. 

Many providers continue to rely on fax machines and phone lines to execute orders. But faxing is slow, unreliable, and the information may be illegible, resulting in errors and delays.

The Lexmark Order Routing Solution can automate the delivery of all orders your physicians make, such as prescriptions, tests, therapies and dietary. Order forms are scanned and routed directly into the appropriate order management system, with priority orders clearly identified. In addition, a digital copy of the order can be automatically routed to the patient’s electronic medical record, helping enhance the safety and accuracy of ordering across your network of providers.

Benefits of Orders Routing

  • Speeds order delivery and priority processing
  • Enhances patient safety and reduces errors
  • Network scanning provides an audit trail for HIPAA compliance
  • Leverages your organization's existing network
  • Reduces expenses by eliminating fax machines and phone lines

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