Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

Secure Rx printing on plain paper

Prescription theft continues to be problematic. Despite increased federal and state security regulations to counterfeit-proof prescriptions with watermarks and anti-copying features, thieves are still getting what they want by stealing blank prescription pads and preprinted laser Rx paper.

Don't be a target—and help clamp down on fraud—with the Lexmark Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing Solution. Our easy-to-deploy software enables you to print tamper resistant prescriptions on any supported Lexmark laser printer with inexpensive plain paper. This prescription printing solution is fully compliant with Center for Medicaid (CMS) requirements, offering secure Rx features such as micro-printed border data, anti-erasure/anti-print “lift off” to prevent modifications to the original, an embedded pantograph that is revealed if the original is photocopied, and a security features warning box. With this solution, your physicians can keep their eye on patient health, not their prescription pads.

Benefits of Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

  • Eliminates the expense for special-purpose or dedicated prescription printers
  • Eliminates the need for expensive security paper or preprinted stock and the administrative burdens of managing it
  • Makes it easy to implement and adapt state to state
  • Ensures CMS compliant

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Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

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Gwinnett Medical Center
Gwinnett Medical Center

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Atlanta provider streamlines its prescription fulfillment system and ensures that up-to date patient information is available during network outages.