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Employee Onboarding for Retail

Get retail onboarding right – right from the start

You've recruited them, screened them, interviewed and assessed them. Now it's time to bring them onboard. Are all the administrative forms up to date and in place? Did new hires provide the required identification and supporting documents?

Were all forms completed? And signed? Were all the appropriate pieces of information distributed to those who need it – human resources, benefits, payroll, IT and facilities? And were the proper procedures followed to protect private or sensitive employee information?

Peak and seasonal hiring times present big challenges to retail shops, distribution centres and other operations. Lexmark's onboarding solution makes onboarding a smooth transition for new hires and your staff.

Remove virtually all paper from your onboarding process, easily track completed documents and share information with all departments involved in getting new employees set up in their jobs.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding for Retail

  • Convert many types of paper forms into electronic forms and make them available through self-service portals
  • Pre-populate paper forms and print them on demand at the onboarding location
  • Instantly share collected data and documents with your HRIS, HR software and core applications
  • Easily check a new employee's status sheet to see what information has been submitted and flag missing documents
  • Elevate security and reduce physical storage costs with electronic capture and storage

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