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Logistics Document Management for Retail

Accelerate your business behind the scenes

With the shift from single channel bricks-and-mortar sales to multi-channel sales, retail logistics operations are under more pressure to perform than at any other time in history. 

Across complex networks of warehouses, distribution centres and shops, retailers must be able to deliver consistently high levels of service quality while achieving profitable, cost-efficient operations.

Lexmark's powerful process and content management solutions help retailers gain control over the tremendous amounts of paperwork generated in the movement of goods. Our solutions convert documents such as bills of lading, task lists, tally sheets, receipts and other delivery and receiving documents into searchable digital files, and intelligently incorporate information into the flow of your business.

Benefits of Logistics Document Management for Retail

  • Improve document control and retention with a secure electronic repository that replaces paper filing systems and eliminates the risk of misfiling or destroying documents
  • Provide instant access to relevant information to respond to shop/vendor enquiries, prepare a freight claim or support audit requirements
  • Increase operational productivity by eliminating the need to fax or email forms between departments and facilities
  • Reduce operating costs for onsite and offsite storage space for documents and records
  • Assure compliance with corporate policies and industry or government regulations

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