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Testing Assistant

A cloud-enabled solution to quickly and easily assess student skills

What would you do with the extra time and money you could save by having a faster, more cost-efficient way to plan and conduct student assessments?

With Lexmark’s Testing Assistant solution, you can save time, reduce costs and support student achievement. Conveniently available from virtually any web browser, Testing Assistant leverages the power of your Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs) to create test answer sheets, scan and grade completed tests, and export results to virtually any learning management system. As a result, you’ll be able to increase valuable teaching time, and streamline the assessment process in your classroom, school or district.

Benefits of Testing Assistant

  • Eliminate manual grading to allow teachers to get back to more value-added tasks
  • Create personalized answer sheets, with no special paper required
  • Deliver powerful functionality with easy-to-learn web interface available from most web browsers
  • Provide comprehensive test analysis with built-in grading reports that show performance on tests
Find out how the Lexmark Testing Assistant can simplify and speed up student assessment.

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