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Secure Content Monitor

When it comes to information security, you can’t protect what you can’t see

Your security team may already be monitoring email and other electronic communications. But what about the hundreds of thousands of documents that are printed, scanned and faxed to and from your fleet of output devices? Overlooking these documents can leave a gaping hole in your agency’s information security.

Lexmark Secure Content Monitor gives your security officers greater visibility into physical documents, so you can reduce the risks and liabilities associated with security breaches. This single solution allows you to implement an automated insider threat detection program that can simultaneously monitor and audit the information passing through hundreds or thousands of printers and multifunction products. So you can improve how your organization detects, investigates and prevents wrongdoing.

Lexmark Secure Content Monitor creates a searchable digital image file of every document passing through your supported Lexmark devices—including print jobs users send from their computers or mobile devices, scanned or copied documents, and incoming and outbound faxes. These digital images are stored with related metadata—such as device, user and location—making them ready for document auditing.

In addition, the proactive Discovery Alerts feature performs a continuous search of content as it passes through the system, notifying you when specific keywords or phrases are found. By alerting you to potential security breaches, Lexmark Secure Content Monitor gives you the information needed to protect against leaks—and the peace of mind that comes with having a strong defense.

Benefits of Lexmark Secure Content Monitor

  • Lets you perform complex queries and note documents of interest for investigation
  • Helps facilitate compliance with government and industry regulations
  • Provides National Language Support (NLS) for native language search
  • Enables you to designate authorized end users to exclude from alerts

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