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Human Resources Compliance

Automate control over your employee records

Your human resources (HR) department is constantly dealing with highly sensitive, personal information, and with that, comes compliance regulations. If your teams are bound by paper-based processes, efficiently supporting compliance can be a challenge.

Lexmark can help. By turning manual, paper-based tasks into automated, electronic processes, you can automatically track information, check for errors and organize and manage retention of information so that it’s consistent and standardized—making for easier audits if and when they come. 

I-9 compliance

Lexmark I-9 Compliance integrates Lexmark Employee Onboarding and Employee File Management solutions with LawLogix’s cloud-based I-9 and E-Verify application. The solution makes it easy for employees to complete electronic I-9s correctly, with on-screen error messages to catch mistakes as they occur. 

I-9 Compliance also lets you securely scan and index previously completed I-9s. Sophisticated error-checking algorithms detect and correct errors and omissions. The solution then provides an easy-to-understand report for HR managers. 

Here’s how the solution can reduce the risk of non-compliance and ease I-9 audit concerns:

  • Simplify employment verification compliance: Maintain a single, secure database of all compliance-related forms
  • Respond quickly and confidently: Easily retrieve data supporting documents and audit trails in response to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Notice of Inspection within the 72-hour time limit
  • Assure complete documentation: Capture supporting documentation directly from a Lexmark device 
  • Simplify ongoing compliance and document retention: Automatically track expiring work authorizations; receive notification of I-9s that no longer need to be retained
  • Streamline migration of historical I-9s: Securely scan and index previously completed I-9s; correct errors and omissions, and provide an easy-to-understand report for HR managers 
  • Manage audit trails and reporting: Forensic-quality audit trails record all I-9 and E-Verify activity and creates reports to support ICE investigations

Affordable Care Act regulations

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers are required to provide certain levels of information to the government; for example, 1095 C forms for taxes that detail every month that an employee was covered.

Often times, these forms are complicated. Companies struggle with the collection of data and how to seamlessly catalogue and integrate this data into core HR systems, as well as providing information to the government.

Partnering with Source Technologies, we can encrypt data to and from the printer to protect highly sensitive employee information. With Lexmark devices, you can make each printer password protected, allow for audit trails and track usage amongst your team.

With Lexmark, you can:

  • Collect and process employee data: Gather information from benefit providers, HRIS, payroll systems or third-party applications to populate ACA related forms
  • Securely print 1095 and 1094 C forms: Allow authorized users to print information pre-populated with employee information
  • Store completed forms within the employee file: Manage records, provide quick accessibility for authorized users, ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Create electronic forms: Capture data from a multitude of formats to create the forms you need

Retention policies

When an employee leaves, federal government mandates that employee information remain secured for certain amount of time—each type of information having a different shelf life.

Every company has to comply with these mandates. However, if you’re having to rely on manual processes to manage and store this information, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be.

There’s a better way. With Lexmark Retention Policy Manager, simplify the process for retaining employee documentation with automation. 

Use Retention Policy Manager to:

  • Set up business rules based on document types and government mandates: Automate how data is terminated instead of relying on manual processes 
  • Reduce time and labor spent managing information: Electronic files and automated processes decreases the amount of time your employees would normally spend manually managing and storing paper documents
  • Track information and approvals: Set up notifications and alerts so the right teams know when an action is happening
  • Support litigation: Electronic files help create audit trails, ensuring your processes are within compliance at all times, and it also allows holds to be placed on documents up for disposition based on litigation
Find out how you can automate document retention to save time and money.