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Your new hire has accepted the job and you’re excited to have them. Now, comes the onboarding process. Traditionally, that would mean filling out multiple paper forms, such as direct deposit authorizations, insurance enrollment forms, confidentiality agreements and more.

Not with the Lexmark Employee Onboarding solution. Our approach is electronic, streamlined and eliminates the need for paper forms and manual data entry. Automate the onboarding process and help your new hires get their “paperwork” in order before day one. 

With our employee onboarding solution, you can:

  • Help new hires get set up and ready to go before day one
  • Improve security over employee information
  • Automatically create electronic employee files during the onboarding process
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce storage costs

New hires that are ready on day one

Once your new hires accept the position, provide access to electronic froms through self-service portals so they can complete oboarding documents from multiple devices, any time. With an online checklist and electronic forms, it's quick and easy for new hires to get you all the information you need to get them in your system before they come in for their first day. 

Easier onboarding for your HR team

As your new hires complete documents, automatically route information to be validated and stored in your core HR systems. Virtually eliminate paper documentation and manual data entry for your staff. Route and key information to supporting organizations that support your onboarding process, such as IT, building security and payroll to reduce their headaches, too. 

Employee information that's safe and secure

With secure sign-on and rich privacy controls, submitted information is processed securely. Only authorized personnel can access information for review and approvals. And with electronic storage, you don’t have to worry about paper duplicates floating around or being sent from location to location.

For the unavoidable paper onboarding documents, we offer an array of multifunction products (MFPs) to help with input, storage and document creation. Documents required for electronic storage, such as identification or social security cards, can be securely scanned without having the data saved on the device. There’s no need to worry about confidential information being compromised if devices are hacked. 

Starting out on the right foot

With the information submitted by new hires, automatically create electronic employee files. There you’ll be able to index and store all employee-related information—regardless of the original format. Help employees start out on the right foot, and make it easier for your HR department to manage employee information.

Speed up the onboarding process with Lexmark.

Use Lexmark electronic forms technology to capture information more efficiently.

Make it easier for your teams to manage employee information.

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