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From recruiting to offboarding, when it comes to the employee file, there’s a lot of documentation. That means there’s a lot of paper to keep track of—paper that contains personal employee information “securely” housed in file cabinets throughout your organization. 

Not anymore. With the Lexmark Employee File Management (EFM) solution, safely and securely manage and preserve employee information within a flexible combination of user-defined electronic folders and drawers. Improve the way your HR department handles employee records by classifying or indexing captured HR information, even if it is in paper form or is needed across multiple HR systems. 

With EFM, you can: 

  • Collect, share and access information faster
  • Keep track of moving parts and simplify processes
  • Reduce manual tasks through online form submission and automatic routing
  • Seamlessly produce high volumes of personalized documents

One-click access to the information you need

EFM makes it easier to collect, share and access employee information. Using electronic files, ensure that all relevant employee information is securely stored in its respective folders for a single source of information. You won’t have to worry about version control or tracking duplicates, and the information is available to authorized personnel anywhere, anytime. 

Keep track every step of the way

Make it easier to manage processes through checklists and automated routing. Demarcate action items and follow-up tasks to ensure processes like benefits, payroll adjustments, performance and disciplinary documents are completed efficiently and accurately. Completed forms can be automatically routed to third-party administrators (TPAs) and other providers.

Give time back to HR with automation

Electronic files and content repositories eliminate manual data entry and hunting for lost documents. Capture data using electronic forms and automatically route and process information upon completion. For example, during the onboarding process, have new hires fill out electronic forms through a self-service portal and route content to populate your core HR systems as well as fulfill other processes on the backend. 

Make it easy to personalize documents

Extract employee information to create personalized documents, en masse. You can pull data from electronic employee files, your HRIS or payroll system and output can be published to paper or email, or archived as supplemental information. 

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Automatically create electronic employee files for new hires during the onboarding process by combining with the Lexmark Employee Onboarding solution.

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