Life, Loss or Damage Claims Processing

Deliver faster claims resolution, quicker responses to inquiries and proactive communications

Lexmark for claims processing enable P&C and life insurance organizations to transform the critical First Mile™ of information-intensive customer interactions. It can shorten claims processing times, reduce the cost of claims management, adapt to changing compliance requirements and be more responsive to policy holders.

With Lexmark, all incoming claims correspondence is captured electronically and classified as soon as it enters the organization. Utilizing touchless processing, all relevant data is extracted and validated so that only complete and correct claims are routed for processing. The solution provides customer-facing employees, agents, brokers, adjusters and service organizations with a powerful scan-to-process platform that is specifically designed to speed claims processing, improve accuracy, and cut costs.

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Capture Information at the Point of Origination

Claims and supporting documents such as photos or police reports can be captured from any source – including mobile devices, internet portals, desktop scanners and MFPs at the Point of Origination™ where customer facing interactions actually occur. The solution then extracts and ensures the validity of the content, facilitates the resolution of exceptions and acquisition of trailing documents, and uses dynamic workflows to ensure that the claims process is completed in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner to optimizing the customer experience.

Integrate Your Resources to Improve Claims Processing

By scanning at the Point of Origination, Kofax enables insurance carriers to integrate field resources, agents, brokers, and third-party service organizations into the claims process. This increases data accuracy and quality, closes the information gap between disparate departments, processes, and functions, and dramatically enhances information availability to improve business decisions based on insurance-specific rules and knowledge bases.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Initiate straight-through data processing and eliminate error-prone manual data entry for greater data accuracy, faster processing, enhanced information accessibility and reduced processing costs.

Provide Mobile Access

Support claims from multiple points of customer engagement via smartphones and tablets to capture claims information from anywhere your customers and agents roam.

Improve Customer Engagement

Energize and enrich customer relationships with world-class responsiveness and transparency by offering a higher degree of communication and responsiveness by including status updates and alerts to claimants.

Reduce Operational costs

Reduce staffing requirements while handling more claims by automating manual processes to ensure continued savings as workloads fluctuate and the organization grows.

Maximize Revenue and Profitability

Automate claims processing to reduce processing costs, speed claims resolution cycles, enhance customer service and scale across multiple lines of business.

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