Claims Automation for Life

Automatically route claims documentation to create a smoother process

Speed up claims management and processing with life insurance claims automation.  Easy-to-use workflow lets you simplify steps taken for standard claims and build in business rules that identify and escalate complex claims to the appropriate adjusters.

Lexmark insurance document management gives claims processors instant access to the policy documents and other material needed to provide timely service to claimants.

Enterprise Search further enables life insurance claims automation by offering access to documents across all systems through a single interface, allowing customer service representatives to find policy documentation. This enterprise-wide tool also assists in the detecting suspicious patterns across all business units and product lines to pinpoint possible fraud.

With Lexmark life insurance claims automation solution, you can:

  • Give claims processors easy access to policy information and accompanying documentation
  • Integrate our technology seamlessly with core applications and legacy systems
  • Search for patterns in claims that can help detect fraud
  • Control and standardize exception handling
Find out how Claims Automation creates a better claims process and improves customer satisfaction.
The Competitive Advantage of Superior Customer Service
Q&A with insurance industry expert on how effective technology satisfies customers and builds loyalty

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